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Column Editor | Concept Validation

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Column Editor | Concept Validation

Option 3b provides the easiest way to view which columns are included


It’s important for users to quickly visualize what will happen when they hit “apply.”

The issue with Opt2 is it is not easily understandable what columns will be included and which will not. Opt1 only allows you to see which columns are included (and you have to click to see which ones are not included

Like is it important to have the ability to scan which ones you have turned on (or that you will export?) And so [opt1] achieves it. Well, I think 3B achieves it....then between option one and option three, is it important to scan which ones you haven't selected?


Eyeball Icon

Almost every user was confused at first about what the eyeball was going to do. Once they clicked on it, they quickly understood.
Many assumed it would give them additional information about the column.

Confusion About Letters

The alphabetical letters caused more confusion than they helped. You don’t need them to realize what order the columns will be in (but are helpful with live tables).
“Not necessarily a fan of the A, B, C... makes me think about why they’re there. Don’t need them to understand the order.”
“There’s instant realization of how it works (without it).”

Search Functionality

Users shared the concern about what happens if the list of columns gets extremely long. One user noted that the “search” for columns functionality only exists in Opt1


Consider replacing the eyeball with a different icon (x’s and +’s maybe)
Consider getting rid of the alphabetic letters
Consider adding “search” for columns functionality

Notes on edit vs customize

Most users preferred “edit” to “customize.”
“Customize” denotes that you can rename columns, etc.
Modal title and button title should be consistent.
Of the users who had an opinion, some felt that the icon felt more like a filter than an edit icon. One liked it because he felt it was similar to icons he’s seen in the mobile app.

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