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Column Editor | Concept Validation
Column Editor | Concept Validation

Notes by Option

Option 1

Adjust the order
Likes the “X” better
Pretty obvious what it would do
“I wasn’t 100% sure what the eye meant”
Either it’ll be something to do with visibility or more information... taking a closer look.
“If I see it hidden, there’s a part of me that feels like it’s still there in the report. If I’ve full on x’d it out, I feel confident that it’s gone from the report”
Understands he can add, hide, and rearrange ✅
Assumes he can rename columns in the modal ⚠️
Assumes that hitting the “X” would make it drop off from the list ✅
Prefers being able to see what was removed
Recognizes similarity to current form functionality ✅
Does like “search” functionality in this option.
Notices that the subtext is shorter
Understands the paradigm ✅
Prefers “Apply” to “Save”
Feels a little clunky—”a good number of clicks”

Option 2

Expects to be able to move the columns by dragging ✅
Kind of expects to be able to rename the columns ⚠️
Either by clicking within the modal or on the report itself
“Let’s see... eyeball.... looks like I’d be able to hide it then I’d assume” ✅
Broken off by letters
At first thinks he can only rearrange (not hide) ⚠️
Thought eyes were for more information ⚠️
Thinks this is slightly more user friendly than Opt3 because it doesn’t affect order
Likes that you can see at a glance like the state of everything that's happened.
Assumes she can rearrange ✅
Wants maybe things to turn gray to make things more scannable. ⚠️
Unsure whether if she would export and if the hidden columns would be included ⚠️
The lettering not changing when you hide things reinforces that you’re hiding (not removing)
and that when you export it would include the hidden columns.

Option 3a

Likes horizontal better
Understands ✅
Separating them out could be problematic
I would imagine if I were having a very complex report with a lot of things on it and then I started hiding some of it and then it rearranged this order or took it out completely... It could if this was like a very long list and this hide was scrollable and it was kind of hidden. I'd, I'd get confused maybe in interactions with my team and like my, the client team could get a little muffled of like, oh, I thought this report had these things and I don't see it and I go to see show and like, so maybe that could be problematic...

Understands he can reorder ✅
Thought the eye meant “view” (only at first) ⚠️
Understands it immediately after clicking on it → Can see the item moving from “Show” to “Hide”

Option 3b

It would almost make sense for the letters to switch from B to A
Confusion around what the letters should be
not necessarily a fan of the A, B, C... makes me think about why they’re there. Don’t need them to understand the order.
“There’s instant realization of how it works.”
Likes this better than 3a
DIdn’t realize “Hide” was in 3a until he hit the button. Here, he scans top to bottom and notices “Hide” section faster

“I guess what I liked about the other view is the, you could, you could see what I was about to remove, right and kind of spot check it be like, OK, this is this, is this the list of things I actually want on this report, you know, and then I could change my mind before I submit it. [opt1] Whereas like it feels like with this [opt 3b], you know, I could, I could remove sub block, but then I can't really see that I removed it. I could obviously find it back in here again, but I would have to, like, mentally, remember, wait, what was the thing?” (6:39)

Assumes she can rearrange ✅
Assumes that letters correlate with order ✅
Seems super simple
Likes that it’s both moving it to the hide section and indicating with the eye symbol
At first, thought that the lettering would change once you click “hide” (6:00)
But likes the way it behaves (alpha doesn’t change when hidden columns are removed)
This one is much more scannable
Like is it important to have the ability to scan which ones you have turned on (or that you will export?) And so [opt1] achieves it. Well, I think 3B achieves it....then between option one and option three, is it important to scan which ones you haven't selected?

Edit vs Customize Columns

Doesn’t like the icon next to “Customize Columns”
Seems like a filter
The word “Edit” seems more straightfoward
Not a strong opinion here
Looks like some of the mobile filter options
Likes the consistency
Edit vs Customize Columns
Recommends keeping modal and button title the same
Prefers “edit”
Customizing connotes that you can rename columns etc,
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