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MetaPals Job Board [Public]

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Interviewing at MetaPals

MetaPal’s interview process.
Recruiter call
A zoom call with a recruiter for the role, and to learn more about Coda!
HM call
A zoom call with the Hiring Manager to do a deeper dive into the role and experience.
(non-eng roles)
Tech screen
There is a tech screen for our engineering roles.
CODA exercise
A role related exercise using Coda, and an opportunity to showcase your makerness and learning.
(non-eng roles)
Virtual onsite
A final virtual onsite to meet with the team!
Non-eng roles will include a presentation, and an opportunity for the team to learn more about you.
References & Offer
If we’re looking like a good fit, we move forward to References & Offer!
MetaPal’s value base approach.
At MetaPal’s, full-time employees are only hired through an internal conversion process. What that means is all employees would have to start off as a contractor, freelancer or employee before converting into a permanent employee with MetaPal’s. These roles could span anywhere from 3 months to 1 year dependent on the seniority of the role. Every individual will be assess the same way no matter the process and given a performance review by the end of the contract which would allow us to either convert, extend or expire the contract completely.

Last updated:
August 23, 2022
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