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Unleash your pawtential. Supercharge your career with MetaPals.

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Help Build Digital Life.

We’re on a mission to design and engineer the next generation of virtual companions.

We need pioneers that are willing to challenge themselves to construct an entirely new way of simulating digital life through loveable companions called MetaPals.
If you’re interested in creating life that has unique personalities, emotions that interrelate with moods, and highly adaptable behaviors, keep reading on.

Our Story

MetaPals was born out of a masters report on the Tamagotchi; looking into why people of all ages and genders would become emotionally attached to their pets and deeply care about its wellbeing.


MetaPals are desktop companions that eat, sleep, and play. Through the utility of NFT’s, the developing GameFi business model, and the simplicity of a browser extension, we’re creating digital life that fosters a genuine sense of virtual companionship. All of this is packaged in a small digital pet that lives on your screen, that you will grow to love.
Metapals is much more than a browser extension. It is the first step to bringing life to the Metaverse. The Meta could easily be a very stale, boring, and dull place that is used for advertisements, work, and novel gimmicks. But it can be so much more, if we add compassion. We can't think of a better place to bring life to the meta than with mans best friend, a dog, or pet for that matter. Metapals gives a peek into how we can begin to live a life that is half reality, half in the meta. We then will slowly merge these two, to allow a truly immersive experience that makes a Metapal you're companion to the metaverse.
If our story resonates with you, join us.

What we look for.

At MetaPals, our people are our greatest strength. We’re proud to have a diverse team of creators and founders who flourish in an environment of personal autonomy, where professional growth is encouraged. We value our culture and diversity above all else, regardless of where you came from, what you studied, or who you used to work for. Titles and years of experience don't matter to us – impact, authenticity, and values alignment do. We're a remote-first organization, with most of the team working in Singapore Standard Time.

Open Pawsitions.

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Benefits & Perks.

Our people are what makes our team special - because of that, we provide full-time team members with perks that make their lives better by offering:

Growth 📚

Active Professional Development

Our people are what makes MetaPals special, and we actively participate in development to level up our team. We provide resources for conferences, classes, books, and any other professional development opportunities to maintain and expand your skill set, industry knowledge, and professional growth.

Leadership Opportunities

The structure of our team allows leadership roles to develop organically. With dialogue as a motor, our organization fosters collaboration and new challenges; quiet complacency is never an option.

Balance 🧘🏼‍♀️

Flexible Time Off & Remote Work Policy

We have a high standard for impact but we insist on work-life harmony. We encourage our team members to find time in the day for the things they have to and love to do outside of the workplace. As we accomplish our goals, flexibility is more than a must.

Flexible Parental Leave Policies

We understand the importance and demands of a growing family, so we provide one of the most generous paternity leave policies in the city. In addition to state, provincial, and federal leave allowances, parents on the team have the flexibility to work from home or take days off when family needs to come first.

Health 🏋️

Fitness Reimbursements

We reimburse for health-related benefits like gym memberships and personal training.

Expanded Insurance

We provide health, life and personal accident insurance as well as premium vision, dental, and extended health benefits.

Equipment 💻

Top-Line Equipment

Access to a laptop incentive, second monitor, personal gadget budget, and more. Models dependent upon needs and department function.

“Live-the-Brand” Products

Every team member receives a generous equipment budget to try new gadgets, tools, platforms, and products. This includes new wearables, internet-of-things gadgets, etc.
At MetaPals, we recruit the best and foster an environment that empowers our team. That means a workplace that is diverse, inclusive, and open-minded. We welcome applicants of all backgrounds, regardless race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or disability. Don’t sweat it if you don’t have everything listed in the requirements. Our values include continuous improvement and curiosity. If you have some of these qualities and believe a position will make you excited to work every day, then we want to hear from you.

If you have any questions or want to know more about the job, feel free to contact via or by clicking the “Apply Now” button below.

Last updated:
May 10, 2023

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