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Mercy Borbor-Cordova Portafolio

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Capitulos en libros
Mercy J. Borbor-Córdova, Efraín Beltrán Ayala, Washington B. Cardenas, Timothy Endy, Julia L. Finkelsteien, Christine A. King, Renato Leon, Ángel G. Muñoz, Raúl Mejía, Mark E. Polhemus, G. Cristina Recalde-Coronel, Sadie J. Ryan, Anna M. Stewart-Ibarra. CLIMATE SERVICES FOR HEALTH Improving public health decision-making in a new climate. 5 Casos de estudio.C: Vector-virus microclimate surveillance system for dengue control in Machala, Ecuador. WHO/WMO. (2016). Eds. J.Shumake-Guillemot and L. Fernandez-Montoya. Geneva. © World Meteorological Organization and World Health Organization, 2016 (DOI pending).
Patricia Romero-Lankao, Hua Qin, Sara Hughes, Mercy Borbor-Cordova y Melissa Haeffner, (2012). Urban Vulnerability and Adaptation to the health Impacts of Air pollution and Climate extremes in Latin American Cities. Capítulo 10 en el libro .Urban Areas and Global Climate Change Research in Urban Sociology, Volume 12, 247–274. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
Romero Lankao, Mercy Cordova Borbor, Eduardo Behrenz y Laura Dawidowski. Urban risk and vulnerability: insights and lessons from Latin American cities. Capítulo 6 del libro: A Changing Environment for Human Security Transformative Approaches to Research, Policy and Action. Editado por Linda Sygna, Karen O'Brien, Johanna Wolf. Routledge – 2014 – 468 páginas.
Cornejo-Rodriguez, M.P., Borbor-Cordova, M., Arias-Hidalgo, M., Matamoros-Camposano, D., Sanclemente, E., Soriano-Idrovo, G., Macias-Zambrano, J., Ochoa-Donoso, D., Dominguez-Bonini, F., Nolivos-Alvarez, I., Villafuerte-Arias, R., Menoscal-Aldas, L., Valdiviezo-Ajila, A., 2020. Diseñando Estrategias para la Resiliencia Climática en Ciudades: Informe de Políticas. CIP-RRD, Guayaquil, Ecuador. 22 págs. ISBN: 987-9942-36-967-3.
Anna M. Stewart-Ibarra, Rebecca Rose Henderson, Naveed Heydari, Mercy J. Borbor-Cordova, Yui Fujii, Kevin Bardosh. Locating Zika. Social Change and Governance in an Age of Mosquito Pandemics. Chapter 6|22 pages. Tracking Aedes aegypti in a hotter, wetter, more urban world Capacity building, disease surveillance and epidemiological labour in Ecuador Edition 1st Edition, First Published 2019. eBook Published6 December 2019. Pub. Location London Imprint Routledge. Pages238 pages. eBook ISBN9780429456558
Borbor Mercy et al. en el libro editado por Martinelli L. and Robert Howarth (Eds.) Nitrogen Cycling in the Americas: Natural and Anthropogenic Influences and Controls. Springer 2006.
Ryan, Sadie J. and Lippi, Catherine A. and Nightingale, Ryan and Hamerlinck, Gabriela and Borbor-Cordova, Mercy J. and Cruz B, Marilyn and Ortega, Fernando and Leon, Renato and Waggoner, Egan and Stewart-Ibarra, Anna M. (2019). Socio-Ecological Factors Associated with Dengue Risk and Aedes aegypti Presence in the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Vol 16, 5, article number 682,
Revistas arbitradas
Tauzer E, Borbor-Cordova MJ, Mendoza J, De La Cuadra T, Cunalata J, Stewart-Ibarra AM (2019) A participatory community case study of periurban coastal flood vulnerability in southern Ecuador. PLoS ONE 14(10): e0224171.
Borbor-Cordova Mercy J., Torres G., Mantilla-Saltos G., Casierra-Tomala A., Bermúdez J. R., Renteria W., Bayot B. (2019). Oceanography of Harmful Algal Blooms on the Ecuadorian Coast (1997–2017): Integrating Remote Sensing and Biological Data. Frontiers in Marine Science, VOL 6, pag. 13. DOI:10.3389/fmars.2019.00013
Borbor-Cordova, Pozo-Cajas, Cedeno, Mantilla, Kislik, Espinoza Celi, Lira, Ruiz and Torres (2018). Risk Perception of Coastal Communities and Authorities on Harmful Algal Blooms in Ecuador. Frontiers Mar. Sci. | doi: 10.3389/fmars.2018.00365
Ryan, S. J., Lippi, C. A., Carlson, C. J., Stewart-Ibarra, A. M., Borbor-Cordova, M. J., Romero, M., … Daniel, S. (2018). Zika Virus Outbreak, Barbados, 2015-2016. The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene, 98(6), 1857–1859. doi:10.4269/ajtmh.17-0978
Ryan, S. J., Carlson, C. J., Stewart-Ibarra, A. M., Borbor-Cordova, M. J., Romero, M. M., Cox, S....Ahmed, S. (2017). Outbreak of Zika Virus Infections, Dominica, 2016. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 23(11), 1926-1927.
Sorensen, C. J., Borbor-Cordova, M. J., Calvello-Hynes, E., Diaz, A., Lemery, J., & Stewart-Ibarra, A. M. (2017). Climate variability, vulnerability and natural disasters: A case study of Zika virus in Manabi, Ecuador following the 2016 earthquake. GeoHealth, 1.
Kislik, E. , Saltos, G. M. , Torres, G. , Borbor-Cordova, M. (2017). 'Biological Hotspots in the Galápagos Islands: Exploring Seasonal Trends of Ocean Climate Drivers to Monitor Algal Blooms'. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Science Index, Bioengineering and Life Sciences, 4(12), 1794. urn:dai:10.1999/1307-6892/10008343
Anna M. Stewart-Ibarra, Aileen Kenneson, Christine A. King, Mark Abbott, Arturo Barbachano-Guerrero, Efraín Beltrán-Ayala, Mercy J. Borbor-Cordova, Washington B. Cárdenas, Cinthya Cueva, Julia L. Finkelstein, Christina D. Lupone, Richard G. Jarman, Irina Maljkovic Berry, Saurabh Mehta, Mark Polhemus, Mercy Silva, Sadie J. Ryan, y Timothy P. Endy. The high burden of dengue and chikungunya in southern coastal Ecuador: Epidemiology, clinical presentation, and phylogenetics from a prospective study in Machala in 2014 and 2015. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2018 May; 98(5):1444-1459. doi: 10.4269/ajtmh.17-0762
Luis E. Escobar, Daniel Romero Alvarez, Renato Leon, Manuel A. Lepe-Lopez, Meggan E. Craft, Mercy J. Borbor-Cordova, y Jens Christian Svenning. Declining Prevalence of Disease Vectors in the Tropics. Scientific Reports Vol 6, Diciembre 2016. DOI 10.1038.
Lovette J., Hamilton S., Borbor-Cordova M., Lorenzoni I., Millones M. The carbon holdings of northern Ecuador’s mangrove forest, 2016. Annals of the American Association of Geographers. Annals of the American Association of Geographers, DOI: 10.1080/24694452.2016.1226160
Handel, A. S., Ayala, E. B., Borbor-Cordova, M. J., Fessler, A. G., Finkelstein, J. L., Espinoza, R. X. R., ... & Stewart-Ibarra, A. M. Knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding dengue infection among public sector healthcare providers in Machala, Ecuador. Tropical Diseases, Travel Medicine and Vaccines, 2(1), 1. (2016).
Molina, L. T., Gallardo, L., Andrade, M., Baumgardner, D., Borbor‐Córdova, M., Bórquez, R., ... & Huneeus, N. (2015). Pollution and its Impacts on the South American Cryosphere. Earth's Future, 3(12), 345-369.
Stewart Ibarra AMS, Muñoz ÁG, Ryan SJ, Borbor-Cordova MJ, Beltran Ayala E, Finkelstein JL, Mejía R, Ordoñez T, Recalde-Coronel GC, Rivero K: Spatiotemporal clustering, climate periodicity, and social-ecological risk factors for dengue during an outbreak in Machala, Ecuador, in 2010. BMC Infect Diseases 2014, 14:610
Stewart Ibarra AM, Luzadis VA, Borbor-Cordova M, Silva M, Ordoñez T, Beltran Ayala, Efrain, Ryan SJ: A social-ecological analysis of community perceptions of dengue fever and Aedes aegypti in Machala, Ecuador. BMC Public Health 14:1135.
Patricia Romero-Lankao; Hua Qin, Mercy Borbor-Cordova. Exploration of health risks related to air pollution and temperature in three Latin American cities. 2012. Social Science and Medicine. , Abril 2013, Páginas 110–118
Patricia Romero-Lankao, Mercy Borbor-Cordova, Rosana Abrutsky, Griselda Gunther, Eduardo Behrenz, Laura Dawidowsky. ADAPTE: A tale of diverse teams coming together to do issue-driven interdisciplinary research. Environmental Science and Policy. , Febrero 2013, Páginas 29–39.
Borbor Cordova M., Boyer E.W. , McDowell W.H., Hall A.S. 2006. Nitrogen and Phosphorus Budgets for a Tropical Agricultural Watershed: Guayas, Ecuador. Biogeochemistry Vol 79, pp 135-161.
Otras publicaciones
Borbor-Cordova MJ, Santos J, Stewart-Ibarra AM, Cevallos, Morales, Quentin, Ponce. Evidence of climate change effects on health: current state of actions and research in Ecuador (in Spanish). Third National Communication of Ecuador for the United Nation Convention on Climate Change. Ministry of Environment. May 2017.
Erica C. Tauzer, Mercy Borbor-Cordova, Susana Del Granado, Carol Franco, Carlos Medina, Jhoyzette P. Mendoza, Telmo de la Cuadra , Anna M. Stewart Ibarra. A multi-scalar operational research framework using hazard and vulnerability indicators to inform flood risk management and the development of Early Warning Systems for Floods in urban coastal communities. Documentos de Trabajo, INESAD, Bolivia.
Del Granado S, Stewart-Ibarra A, Borbor-Córdova M, Franco-Bellini C, Romero M, Tauzer E. (2016). Sistemas de alerta temprano para inundaciones: Análisis Comparativo de tres países Latinoamericanos. Serie de documentos en Desarrollo, INESAD, Bolivia.
Borbor M. and Barriga A. (2007). “Integración de Salud, Ambiente y Comunidad para Evaluar la Calidad del Aire y Establecer políticas Municipales”. Informe Técnico Final al IDRC y Fiocruz. Agosto, 2007.
Borbor M., Brito T., Montone R., Gagliuffi P., Riofrio M. (2007). The International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Science (ISAES). (Papers proceedings ISAES X). “An international effort to manage and monitor Admiralty Bay (ASMA 1), King George Island, Antarctica”. Sta Barbara, California, Agosto 25-31.
Ecuador Antártico, Abril 2007. Año 2 –No. 2. Zona Antártica Especialmente Administrada (ZAEA No 1) Publicación Oficial del Instituto Antártico Ecuatoriano

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