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Mercy Borbor-Cordova Portafolio

Mercy J. Borbor-Cordova, Ph.D

Oceanographer by training and Environmental Scientist grad studies. An interdisciplinary scientist working on the interactions among natural or human systems and the climate effects on society.


I have managed to combine roles as both researcher and public officer involved in decision-making processes at the local, regional and national level.

My work is in the areas of environmental management, urban resilience and vulnerability, disaster risk reduction, and climate change.

As a public officer I have served as Vice-minister of the Ministry of Environment for Ecuador, Chief of Environmental Control for the City of Guayaquil and Province Director of Risk Disaster Management for Guayas. Integrating Science and Policy is the main focus of my interdisciplinary research work.

Notable current work:

Selected as Lead author for the Working Group III, Mitigation, national and subnational institutions (Chapter 13), for the
(IPCC) 2018- 2022.
Selected as Expert for the Climatology Section –
(WMO) for the Working group Human Resources 2018-2020. Working with an international team in developing Climate Services Capacity globally.

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