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Mercy Borbor-Cordova Portafolio

Climate services for forecasting vector-borne disease

[Climate services for the health sector in Ecuador include four main components;
i) observation, monitoring and data collection and processing,
ii) climate and health research on modelling and forecasting,
iii) communication to the public health community and general audience, and
iv) interdisciplinary capacity building to the climate and health community
Prior studies have focused on providing the evidence base for the effects of climate on health, and improvements in seasonal forecasts in the region]
[How does this initiative tie to broader team or company goals?]
cambio climatico y Zika.jpg
[What's the underlying problem we've observed? Key examples to demonstrate?
How will this create value for our customers?]
User-based job or tasks
[What should customer be able to do when this initiative is 'done?'
What job do we think we're solving?]
Artículo modelacion vectorec ECUADOR.jpg
[Can we validate or benchmark early in the process?
How are you going to test that we've enabled the user to do X?]
[What are the related goals we could do but are not going to?]
Time & Budget
[How long will this take? What resources will this take?]
[Who are the people in the company that you should look to for guidance or feedback?
How will you engage them in what you're building?]
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