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The Customer-First Toolkit: How I meet 500+ customers a year as a CEO
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Prospective client

Sales team: Want me to nudge a client before they buy? Queue up an email from the CEO!
My approach to prospective clients
I relish the chance to meet companies considering a Gainsight purchase. It gives me a chance to learn what the market is thinking, allows me to help set expectations with clients before they buy, and enables me to help our Sales team in a small way. Here’s an example of a previous exchange:
How to queue up a CEO nudge for a prospective client
This process used to be very manual. The sales team would identify client execs, my assistant would prepare a draft for me in Gmail, and then I would personalize the message before sending. But now we can do this all in one step!
So to all our Sales team, if you have a prospect you’d like me to nudge, just add them to this table, pick which of my templates you’d like to use (it defaults to
@Prospective client
which is my standard for new clients), and click create draft. I’ll take care of the rest from my inbox.
Apply all templates
Create all drafts
Clear list
Recipient First Name
Recipient Email
Sender first name
Email template
Apply template
Email body
Email subject
Create draft
Prospective client
Hi Rhys, I’m the CEO here at Gainsight...I hope we may connect soon. I know you have been working really closely with Daisy but I wanted to personally reach out because we are really excited about the potential to bring you on board as a customer. It looks like things are trending well, but please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Nick
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Prospective client
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