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The Customer-First Toolkit: How I meet 500+ customers a year as a CEO
Use my Ghost Notes system to give anyone in the company the power to draft an email “from the CEO” that you can review and send when ready.

Over the years, we’ve developed best practices around writing great Ghost Notes. Here are a few of the most important ones:
Spel chek. Read, then re-read — spelling and grammar matter...Avoid run-on sentences. Consistent punctuation. One exclamation point per email max!!!!! (Yes, this would count as inconsistent punctuation.)
The deets. Be sure to mention to whom we are speaking if you want to refer to conversations we are having with their team. Always CC the EA. If asking for a call, ask for 15 or 25 minutes, not 30 and follow with "If you're up for it, the EA can work with the right person on your side to calendar." But don’t always make the first email an ask.
Subject lines. Grab their attention with a short, clear subject line including eye-catching key words like “CEO” or “connection.”
Keep it simple. Less is more — make the email short, sweet, no more than 3-4 paragraphs, and with succinct sentences.
Content is king. Leverage the heaps of content coming out of Marketing to customize a relevant recommendation for a blog or article to check out — often in a P.S.
Include a gift. Everyone loves a gift in the mail — send your prospects and customers our books.
Be specific. Use your intel to customize next steps, the offer, and the use case — tell the prospect you ‘get’ them.
Invite them to the party! Consider upcoming community networking events / happy hours and extend the invitation! Good things happen in low-pressure connection-centric environments like these!
Network. Network. Network. Leverage your network and exec team to make a warm introduction. Send them a clean email to forward.
Business is personal. Due diligence is key — find a detail or two to make a human connection.
Career: new company, promotion
Family situation: a new child, recent marriage, took vacation
Blog posts: have they published something recently

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