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GoVenture Leader

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GoVenture Leader is an experiential learning activity that builds leadership, strategy, and collaboration skills. Customized to match any activity, company, or business function. Play individually or in teams.
This document is for instructors and facilitators (not students)

Demo Video and Slides
Watch a video or view slides to discover the basics of GoVenture Leader. Start here for your first introduction to GoVenture Leader for instructors and trainers.
Tutorial Videos for Instructors
Watch this video to review GoVenture Leader for instructors and facilitators. Step-by-step directions of what you see in this video are included below.
Watch this video for a summary of how to create Teams and set the Decision Schedules, Results Schedules, and Blackout Schedules
Watch this brief video to see how to get players excited when you reveal the results
Instructor Review — Step by Step
​If this is your first time using GoVenture Leader, watch the video above and then follow these directions to review simulation Scenarios:
Click FACILITATOR LOGIN button and log in using the username and password provided to you.
On your Facilitator dashboard you will see one or more simulation Scenarios. Click FACILITATE under the Scenario you want to review.
To review how the simulation looks to students, click VIEW SIMULATION AND PERFORMANCE.
You may now navigate the Scenario as students would do.
You can only view Activities for the current and past periods of the simulation, not future periods.
Unlike students, you will be able to see Briefings and Stakeholders for all future periods, not just the current and past periods.
Any decisions you make are not saved as you are only monitoring the Scenario.
Limits on Questions and Activities may not be active in monitor mode in order to allow you to review all.
To exit monitor mode, click BACK TO FACILITATOR DASHBOARD button at the top of the screen.
Once you are familiar with a Scenario, it is recommended that you play it as a student so that you experience how the Scenario progresses from period to period.
Take note of the Simulation Number that appears under the Scenario as you will need this to log in later.
Start by creating a STUDENT/TEAM login. To do this click EDIT under the Scenario. Scroll down to TEAMS and click the (+) button to add a Team login.
Log out of the Facilitator dashboard by clicking the yellow back arrow at the top of the screen then click LOGOUT button at the top of the screen.
Log in as a STUDENT/TEAM using the username and password you created.
Play the simulation by reading the backstory, conducting research, and choosing activities. Once you are done making decisions for the first period, log out.
Click FACILITATOR LOGIN button and log in using the username and password provided to you.
Under the Scenario click FACILITATE then ADVANCE TO NEXT PERIOD and then click the button to advance to the next period.
Click BACK TO FACILITATOR DASHBOARD button at the top of the screen then click EDIT under the Scenario.
Scroll down and click RESULTS SCHEDULES. Add a schedule for the results to be revealed. Refer to the Facilitator Guide for details.
Use the Facilitator Dashboard to view the results or log out and log back in as as a STUDENT/TEAM to continue playing more periods.
Simulation Scenarios
Currently, there are two simulation Scenarios available to play. Both are designed to be widely applicable to leadership and collaboration, regardless of subject matter. Each Scenario can be further customized by the facilitator, if desired. Entirely new Scenarios can also be designed.
New Captain of a deep-space exploration ship. Must travel as far as possible while conducting experiments and keeping the ship and crew safe from various challenges that arise. Eight Periods. Performance objectives are Crew Health, Distance Travelled, and Scientific Exploration.
New CEO of a global mid-size heavy-equipment company that was an industry leader but is now struggling to survive. Restructuring and change management are required. Four periods. Performance measures are Finances, Employees, Operations, and Customer & Shareholder.
Government available in the future
Newly elected leader of a nation. Similar to 1940s time period after the "big war" where the country must be rebuilt while maintaining political stability domestically and globally. Eight Periods. Performance objectives are national Wealth, Health, Infrastructure, and Security.
Custom Scenarios available to corporate clients
Corporate clients may have access to their own custom scenarios.
Implementation Resources
📃Instructor and Facilitator Guide
Everything you need to know to facilitate the program with participants.
🖥️Student Onboarding — use these slides
Present these slides to students or provide them with the following link to review on their own —
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