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Connecting ideas, concepts, people, and processes
One of the most fun ways to connect knowledge within your Coda doc is to start connecting ideas, concepts, people, and processes. You’ll be surprised how many times different teams cross-reference each other’s work, or an organization where many items link up to a single objective (well, that’s the goal, right?).
To start, just type @ in the writing canvas or in a table cell and you’ll be able to reference the following:


Just like in Twitter or Slack, you can @mention people on the doc to reference them and notify them that they’ve been added.
Example: 👋
@Elaine Sohng


Reference pages when you’re talking about a topic that’s related to another area.
This page is a subpage within the page and is somewhat related to the page.
: Mentioning each of the pages related to the teams as both a glossary as well as a pseudo table of contents.
: References a previous page (Framework).


Reference entire tables so that when a user clicks on it, they go straight to the data source.
The table holds the best showcases of what a wiki, playbook, etc looks like in Coda.


Mention rows to give specific context to writing, notes, conversations.
: Mentioned the “Give back day” in the topics which is an event (row) in the Events Calendar.
: Defined “MRR” by creating a Dictionary Table () with rows of terms and definitions.

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