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Our favorite knowledge hubs from the Coda team and clients
Why I like it
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Company Wiki
Everything in one place. I don’t have to search in different areas for information about the company, teams, or what we’re working on. But the best part is that through the process of putting this together, we learned more about our company, gained a greater appreciation for our culture, and found gaps in our process.
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Employee Handbook
Inspired by the open-source GitLab handbook, this is a comprehensive employee guide with lots of awesome multi-media like YouTube videos, emojis, and engaging tables of information.
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Sales Playbook
We just hired our first Account Executive on the Sales team (with many new faces to come). At my past companies, I’ve made or have been part of the creation of thick manuals that were printed and never looked at again after the Sales Kickoff. The Playbook is becoming a living breathing best practice for how we work with clients and make them successful with our software.
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New Hire Onboarding
Knowing what you’re supposed to be doing for the first month is hard, especially remote. Each of our 14 new hires gets this new hire doc and have felt supported in their learning and integration into the culture.
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Remote Learning
The Canva team, like many others around the world, is suddenly remote. Developed by the Learning & Development group, this guide shares best practices for teams with ongoing education in this new learning environment.
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Simple Team Wiki
An easy start for your first wiki; copy this doc and start adding your own team’s knowledge.
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