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Success Plan Template

How to create true alignment with your clients
Success Plans are an incredibly valuable asset when working with clients. Unlike an , which is an internal document for logging notes about the client, a Success Plan is meant to be collaborative with the client. It’s a place to note objectives and goals, track projects that are in progress and upcoming, and record notes from previous meetings.
A Success Plan helps you as a CSM create true alignment with the customer. By having visible and agreed—upon goals, you can ensure that you are supporting them towards reaching those goals, and seeing success with your product or service.

What this doc includes:

: The landing page for the Success Plan, that also includes information on the resources available to the client.
: A page to keep track of topics to discuss during upcoming meetings.
: The core of the doc. A place to keep track of the customer’s and with your product or service. Use the Google Calendar pack to keep a log of .
: A page to note outstanding tasks on both sides. Quickly add a task during a meeting by using the “Add Task” button on the Meetings page.
: A place for customers to log and prioritize product requests. Pro Tip: Use the Gmail pack to receive a notification each time a new is added.

Use this Coda doc to build and share your Success Plans

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