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Note: Other types of cam, such as , can also often be used as webcam.


Software to control webcam: iSpy
with iSpy, i can take a video (audio and image) with the number of images i want per second
at 1 image per second (at 1024p I think), it cost me 100 mb per hour for the video part
it’s like a timelapse, but with audio
Other sources I might check if not satisfied with iSpy:


right now am trying zoom as my main recording software
i can livestream on youtube just with a couple clicks (less clicks than OBS)
seems to be requiring less CPU than OBS
there's the option for a view where my video takes as much screen real-estate as the video of my interlocutors (unlike fbm)
gives me the possibility of instant replay through youtube live
i can switch device (if i move from my computer to phone to move around) and it stays on the same recording
i can switch webcam (if i want to move to an infrared webcam)
i can start online calls without having to stop and start a recording (although i might still wanna do that to separate my videos by events)
i can easily share my stream / video in both view only-mode and interactive mode
can share your screen
maybe i can have chromebooks with webcams in each room livestreaming to youtube?
can't do 360 i think (although can still have an arbitrarily wide lens)
still uses some CPU (i can hear my fan; it slows down computer)
can't decide how big the window for my webcam vs my shared screen is (unlike OBS)
about using my phone instead of gopro as my action cam in the house
makes sure i dont record my monitor by accident (i usually want to share my videos of me interacting with others, but sometimes my phone's screen is visible by my gopro, and if i was texting someone else, then i'd need to ask them permission, which becomes annoying)
it would be harder to use my phone while maintaining a nice recording
to do:
check for chest strap or something like this for my phone
check for phones with wide lens cameras (or a way to add a wide lens camera to my phone)
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