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Action cam

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GoPro Max

I often use it to take time-lapses along with audio recording with my phone

long battery life
The battery is good for about 85 minutes of 360-degree recording, or 105 minutes of single-lens, 1080p (16:9) or 1440p (4:3) video.
easily changeable battery when the camera is mounted
can be mounted to see both your face and people
yes; see:
can be connected (instead of using a battery) while shooting
yes ()
optional: can use Lid Ulanzi GM-2 to charge ()
can connect to a mobile device
no; files need to be transferred
(takes about as long to transfer as it takes to shoot)
(less features, but more stable than Insta360 ONE X2)
a bit better than Insta360 ONE X2
mount mic

shooting in the dark
date time sticks when changing battery
other GoPro have had issues; Michael has had issues with the GoPro Max too
update: my GoPro Max sometimes has this issue too
500 USD

update: GoPro Max is waterproof by default, so that avoids having to put a case on it which lowers the quality of the sound
editing app is less feature rich than the Insta360 ONE X2
GoPro Fusion is an older 360 model of GoPro

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