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CODA: Knowledge hub for lab members
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Welcome to CODA, the guide designed for new lab members! Here, you will discover all there is to know about our lab, including our lab's resources, projects, objectives, and the expectations we hold for each member. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or just beginning your journey in this field, we encourage you to explore and engage with the content.
To ensure a smooth onboarding process and to get the most out of your experience, we recommend starting with the "Do this first" section below. This will guide you through the essential steps and important information every new member should know.
If you come across any inaccuracies or omissions, we encourage you to contribute by leaving a comment or making the necessary edits yourself. For example, if you find out anything new from another lab member, consider adding it here. Create a page, add titles and figures, or edit a table. Your active participation is instrumental in keeping this resource up-to-date, relevant and useful for everyone. If at any point you encounter challenges or have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. However, please remember that this guide is available to the public, so don’t include any sensitive, private, or restricted information (e.g. don’t post any password here).
Once again, welcome to our lab! We hope this guide becomes an invaluable companion on your journey to making meaningful contributions to the lab environment and to research.

General expectations

All lab members who have been given independent lab access need to have an induction to the lab, and this is achieved by reading this guide, especially the health and safety and lab access pages, and filling in one of the lines in the people page
All lab members are asked to attend regular meetings in a group (volunteer meetings), lab meetings, and ad-hoc 1:1 meetings.
you can find a list of the different lab meetings and the contact of the organiser. In case you are unable to attend one of the meetings, please inform the organiser via email.
Speak to other lab members, your manager or supervisor, or
@Massimiliano Di Luca
to gain access to one of the available lockable cupboards to store your valuables.
Upon entering the lab:
Check what activities are ongoing and be considerate of what activity you will be starting. Communicate with the people already present in the lab so that both activities can take place without interfering.
Check that the thermostats are set at 2-35
To start an activity:
Ensure that proper H&S and Ethics approvals are in place
Check out the equipment you will be using through the QR code
Before using one of the wearables or headset, make sure it is properly cleaned. Wipes are available in the lab. There is also a CleanBox for headsets and a disinfection box for wearables.
Before exiting the lab, please ensure that:
you have cleaned any wearable and headset
equipment you have been using is turned off
check back in the equipment using the QR code
you have not left personal belongings on the desks. Personal belongings should be stored in one of the lockable cupboards
you have removed all the rubbish
any cups, cutlery, and containers have been washed
if you are the last person in the room, also ensure that:
all windows are properly closed,
lights are off,
and the door is shut closed.

Do this first

Read the specific guide (depending on your role): for new Staff members, for Visitors or for Students
Read all pages in the general info folder (e.g., Lab spaces, Lab access, Health and safety induction)
For info on specific topics on research and organisation, check out the links on the left.
To confirm that you have read this guide, create a free CODA account (don’t link to UoB).
Look for your name in the page and if it is not there make a new entry by filling out this
. If there is an entry, add any information that is missing, especially your name, email, your role, what project will you contribute to, UoB ID or student number (for gaining entry to the lab, if you don’t have one and plan to use the lab, consult the “” page), personal information in the Bio section (link to your personal webpage, the link to a picture of yourself, and info about social media and such). The info from the table (except email and UoB ID number) will be published on the lab website (draft visible with the link below).
@Massimiliano Di Luca
an email asking for access to the lab and/or to the IT systems, following the procedure in the page.
Consider adding comments or making any suggestions for changes or deletions by clicking the bubble speak icon on the top right (on computers) or on the right (on phones). Add any information that you think could be useful or edit anything incorrect or incomplete. With CODA, you should be able to make edits to pages (note that you are not able to create new pages, so ask
@Massimiliano Di Luca
to create one for you)
If you are part of the ARME project, consider signing up to the .
If your work involves AR or VR, consider checking out and the .
This CODA information, all systems, and the lab itself are all new, so if something doesn’t work or could work better, please let
@Massimiliano Di Luca

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