GitLab Learn
GitLab Learn
Speaker Training
In this training, you’ll learn GitLab’s guidelines for speaking at industry events and to external audiences. We recommend that you save the slide deck async as the Resources section has many useful tools that you can use when you prepare for your next speaking opportunity.
Media Training
In this training, you’ll learn GitLab’s guidelines for media interviews. We recommend that you spend some time going through the slide deck async as there are many talking points about GitLab to familiarize yourself with ahead of a media interview.
GitLab CICD - Go Tanuki workshop
Learn GitLab Basics & the first steps to a Go application fixed and built with CI/CD. Exercises inside. SSoT repository.
Technical Writing Fundamentals
The GitLab Technical Writing Fundamentals course is available to help both GitLab and community contributors write and edit documentation for the product. This course provides direction on grammar, writing, and topic design.
Backwards Compatibility Training
Rails Performance Workshop
GitLab Expert
Choosing Between GitLab Self-Managed and
Container Host Security - Getting Started with Falco
Creating and Deploying a Helm Chart with CI/ CD
Customer Success GitLab Demos platform & catalog
Deploying GitLab on Kubernetes with Helm Charts
DevOps Technology Landscape
Getting Started with GitLab CI/ CD
GitLab + DVC for Code and Data Version Control
GitLab 13.0: AWS ECS Auto DevOps
GitLab 13.0: Defend Features Update
GitLab 13.0: Gitaly and Praefect
GitLab 13.0: Terraform Plan View in MR and HTTP Terraform State Backend
GitLab CD Deep Dive
GitLab CI Deep Dive
GitLab Group Hierarchy with SAML and SSO
GitLab Runners
GitLab Server Migration Playbook
GitLab's GraphQL API
GitOps using GitLab Terraform and Terratag
Implementing DataOps with GitLab
Incident Management
Integrate and Analyze Usage Data in Gainsight
Our Portfolio (includes a DevSecOps Overview)
Peeling Back the Layers of AutoDevOps
Product Roadmap Update
Reporting Options/ Metrics with GitLab
Tracking Value with GitLab DORA4 Metrics
AutoDevOps with and without Kubernetes
Helping Customers Use GitLab for Deployment
How to Troubleshoot Clusters using Kubectl
The Rules Behind GitLab CI Rules
GitLab Geo Overview
GitLab Load Testing Tool Overview
Defend: Container Security Overview
Identity Management: A Crash Course
GitLab 13.2 Technical Showcase
The GitLab 13.2 Technical Showcase includes: Tye Davis, Senior Technical Marketing Manager- Agile, covering assigning issues to iterations and Jira issues in GitLab William Galindez Arias, Technical Marketing Manager- SCM, and Michael Friedrich, Developer Evangelist, covering GitLab Figma Plugin Itzik Gan-Baruch, Technical Marketing Manager- Verify, covering dynamically generating Child Pipeline configurations with Jsonnet (part of CI Use) Fernando Diaz, Technical Marketing Manager-DevSecOps, covering Container Host Monitoring and Blocking Cesar Saavedra, Technical Marketing Manager- GitOps/ IaC, covering multiple Terraform plan support in merge requests and read-only access to Terraform state API
GitOps with Fluxcd Overview
GitLab 13.2 Fail Fast Feature Overview
Security Persona Demo
This is a demo run video presenting GitLab from the perspective of Developer and Security Personas. This Demonstration is frequently delivered to present value to customers interested in GitLab Ultimate.
GitLab Secure Stage Update
Cindy Blake, Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Fernando Diaz, Technical Marketing Manager present an update on GitLabs Secure Stage. Topics covered include DevSecOps solutions and strategies, How to best manage head-to-head comparison of our OOTB open-source analyzers, followed by a technical workshop
GitLab Monitor Stage Update
Dov Hershkovitch provides an overview of GitLab's Monitor Stage. After this session participants will gain: Better understanding on how our customers will be able to monitor their application using GitLab with respect to metrics and logs; Knowledge on the monitor stage roadmap; Understand how our customers use the GitLab metric dashboard instead of Grafana.
Implementing DataOps with GitLab
Emilie Schario talks about implementing DataOps with GitLab and answers questions from the Customer Success organization at GitLab.
Google Anthos and GitLab Integration Overview
Kris Reynolds and Mayank Tahilramani host Google Cloud SA, Vic Iglesias as he shares information about the Google Anthos platform and how we can leverage its potential with GitLab integration.
Sales Training Handbook
Sales Enablement Sessions
Sales Kick Off (SKO)
Some SKO sessions are also shared with partners
Delivering the Enterprise DevOps Platform Deck
Learn how to deliver the new Enterprise DevOps deck
Command of the Message (CoM)
Learn the intricacies of the Command of the Message as well as Value Selling, Value drivers, GitLab Differentiators, etc.
Building Success Plans for TAMs
In this Field Certification course, you will: define success plans and their purpose, distinguish between success plans and collab projects, explain the process of creating a success plan, and define well-written customer outcomes
Executive Business Reviews for TAMs
Training for TAMs to understand the purpose of an Executive Business Review and how to position one with a customer
FY22 Billing & Subscription Management
GitLab is launching Cloud Licensing (Project Super Sonics), which will provide an easier way to manage licenses for self-managed subscription plans. Cloud Licensing will allow for the activation and provisioning of Quarterly Subscription Reconciliation and Auto-Renewals, which apply to both SaaS and Self-Managed subscription plans. This includes Operational Data, which will allow GitLab to better help customers successfully adopt GitLab as well as help us achieve our growth goals.
Gather Technical Requirements through Discovery Calls
In this Field Certification course, you will: discover the benefits of a pre-technical discovery questions, define the technical discovery call process, and evaluate the technical discovery call in a retrospective meeting
Account Planning in Gainsight for SAs
A training course to help SAs understand the account planning methodology and how to collaborate with their sales team to complete account planning activities in Gainsight
Account Planning Methodology
A training course to help SALs understand the account planning process, and why it is important.
Account Planning in Gainsight for SALs
An overview of how to do account planning within Gainsight (our account planning platform) with the account team and partners.
GitLab 101
This training is geared toward GitLab team members and the wider community who are in non-engineering roles (i.e. recruiting, peopleops, marketing, finance, etc) and/or have not used a DevOps tool like GitLab before. This can also be helpful for non-engineering people outside of GitLab wanting to learn how to use GitLab for personal projects.
GitLab 201
This training is a deep dive into GitLab Epics and Merge requests for team members and wider community members getting started using the GitLab tool
GitLab Learn Lab: Hands-on with GitLab Continuous Integration
Gitaly Expert Badge
Pathway for support team to answer Gitaly related tickets
Remote Foundations Badge
Presented at a self-directed pace, the GitLab remote certification is designed to give new managers and individual contributors an opportunity to master all-remote business concepts and build key skills in remote subject areas.
DIB Certification
This training will take users through the understanding of how we approach DIB - Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging here at GitLab. How we collaborate and how we ALL contribute.
Bias towards Async Communication
This pathway is designed to reinforce our value of a bias towards asynchronous communication. Everyone at GitLab is responsible for being a role model of our values. This pathway will help learners understand our practices for asynchronous communication at GitLab even better!
Being an Ally
Review how to be an ally on the GitLab team
Effective Communication
Review best practices for communication on an all remote team
GitLab Values
Review of Gitlab values for team members and community members
Career Development with Sherrod Patching
Career Development with Diana Stanley
Career Development with Brendan O'Leary
Career Development with Christopher Wang
Career Development with Brittany Rhode
Career Development with Rebecca Spainhower
Career Development with Nicolas Dular
360 Feedback Process at GitLab
Communicate the value and structure of 360 review cycle at GitLab
Career Development with Darren Murph
Career Development with Pattie Egan
Building an Individual Growth Plan
How to build an IGP for team members
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Strategies for giving and receiving feedback at GitLab
Giving Feedback
Strategies for giving feedback at GitLab
Managing Performance
Handbook resources for how managers can manager performance of direct reports
Running an effective 1:1
Reviews strategies for how to run an effective 1:1 in an all remote company
Building high performing teams
How to build a high performing all remote team training for people managers
Getting to know yourself and your team
Team, relationship, and trust building strategies for an all remote team
Develop your Rest Ethic
Internal and external resources that describe the value of rest ethic
Mastering Self-Motivation and Self Advocacy
Leadership course for Women TMRG at GitLab
GitLab Women in Leadership Course
Leadership course for Women TMRG at GitLab
Mental Health Awareness at GitLab
A review of mental wellbeing resources for team members and general resources for mental wellbeing in an all remote company
Regulation FD
Training for team members on Regulation FD requirements
PTO Training
Training for team members on PTO policy at GitLab
User Research
Review of User Research material for Product Managers
Jobs to be done
Customer Interviewing
Opportunity Canvas
GitLab Advanced System Administration Training
GitLab Certified Associate
GitLab Certified CI/CD Specialist
GitLab Certified DevOps Professional
GitLab Certified InnerSourcing Specialist
GitLab Certified Project Management Specialist
GitLab Certified Security Specialist
GitLab CI/CD Training
GitLab DevOps Fundamentals
GitLab for Project Managers
GitLab Implementation Engineer Specialist Certification
GitLab InnerSourcing Training
GitLab Migration Engineer Specialist Certification
GitLab Security Essentials
GitLab System Administration Basic Training
GitLab with Git Basics Training
TT100: Introduction to Technology
Serves as an introduction to the technology industry and GitLab's space in it. In this course, we will explain fundamental concepts such as applications, operations, and the hybrid cloud. We will also explain why technology has been the main driver of innovation in the twenty-first century.
TT101: Introduction to GitLab
GitLab is an extremely promising suite of technologies that is broad as well as deep. In this course, we will introduce GitLab and explain why it is such a special piece of technology.
TT120: GitLab Workshop 1
This is a hands-on workshop where we use GitLab to update our very own website (no technical skills required). Learn the product by using it in action.
TT200: Introduction to Development
In this class, our goal is to have more effective conversations with developers by understanding what they do and learning to speak their language. Topics include life as a developer, how software is developed, where applications run, the public cloud, and APIs.
TT210: GitLab Create and Plan
In this class, we go in depth explaining create and plan functionality. Topics include GitLab's SCM and Agile feature set and competitive differentiators.
TT211: GitLab Verify and Secure
In this class, we will learn about verify and security functionality. Topics include waterfall versus agile, continuous integration, software testing, devsecops, and automation.
TT220: GitLab Package, Configure, and Release
In this class, we will learn about package, configure, and release functionality. Topics include how software is packaged and ultimately released (rolling deployments, A/B testing, etc.).
TT230: GitLab Manage, Monitor, and Protect
In this class, we will learn about manage, monitor, and protect functionality. Topics include how we allow engineering leaders to make proactive decisions to optimize their organizations and infrastructure.
TT240: GitLab Workshop 2
Learn GitLab by seeing it in action. In this class, we will walk through what a new customer does when setting up the product and explain how we are different from our competitors.
TT300: Advanced Sales Conversations
Learn some of our customers' biggest technical initiatives and how to use them within our sales conversations (cloud migrations, automation, infrastructure as code, and microservices). Also covers the difference between product selling and solution selling.
TT305: AWS and Google Alliances
In this class, we will learn about what alliances are and discuss our co-sell motions with Amazon and Google. Great for those that are planning on working AWS/Google events.
TT110: Competitive
Because we operate in so many different product categories, GitLab has a large number of competitors. In this class, we discuss our biggest four competitors and how to effectively handle competitive situations with them.
TT102: The People of Technology
To effectively engage in customer conversations, we need to understand the people that make up the technology industry. In this course, we will explain the various people that you will meet, their responsibilities and drivers, and how to have effectively engage each type of audience.
TT310: Demoing GitLab
In this class, we will practice demoing GitLab. After taking this class, you will be able to perform brief customer demos to gather customer interest and explain product value.
TT330: Career Builder
In this class, we will discuss best practices for plotting your career direction and how to get there. Included in this class is "Sales Stories," where we interview sales leaders to help you determine which path to take your career.
SDR100: High Level Overview of Tools
Introduction to sales development tooling.
SDR101: Introduction to SalesForce
Introduction to SalesForce for sales development.
SDR102: Introduction to Outreach
Introduction to Outreach.
SDR103: Working Leads
Working with Salesforce lead objects.
SDR104: Introduction to ZoomInfo
Working with ZoomInfo.
SDR105: Chorus
Introduction to Chorus call recording.
SDR200: Introduction to LinkedIn Navigator
How to use LinkedIn Navigator for prospecting.
SDR201: Advanced ZoomInfo Training
A more advanced class on ZoomInfo.
SDR202: Drift Web Chat
How to use Drift web chat platform.
SDR203: IQMs and Opportunities
How to use Salesforce to work initial qualifying meetings and opportunities in Salesforce
Speaker Training
In this training, you’ll learn GitLab’s guidelines for speaking at industry events and to external audiences. We recommend that you save the slide deck async as the Resources section has many useful tools that you can use when you prepare for your next speaking opportunity.
Corporate Marketing
Use Case
Talent Development

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