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The Inclusive Innovation Playbook
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The Inclusive Innovation Playbook by is licensed under a .
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The playbook is in 'comments mode' to allow all reviewers to leave comments, suggestions and feedback.
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“The Inclusive Innovation Playbook is a passion project born out of my unwavering commitment to creating a more inclusive world. I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of diversity and inclusion in driving innovation and sparking positive change.
Yet, inclusive innovation is the exception, rather than the norm.
I created this playbook, with the support of an incredible team of collaborators, to help remove the common barriers that prevent inclusive innovation. I hope it will inspire and empower you to drive positive change through the products and services you create, and in the world around you.
If you think inclusive innovation is just a 'nice to have,' or if you've been held back by doubts and uncertainty about where to start, let this playbook be your guide.
If you are involved in the creation of digital products or services, the Inclusive Innovation Playbook is a must-read resource.
Packed with practical strategies, tools and actionable insights, I hope this playbook will be a go-to resource that you can turn to time and time again.
Let’s make the world a more inclusive place, together.”
Marissa Ellis, Founder & CEO, Diversily
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We have made the Inclusive Innovation Playbook freely available to maximise its impact and reach.

Please consider making a donation that reflects the value you gain from it, in order to show your appreciation and support our ongoing work to drive more inclusive innovation.

Your contribution will make a huge difference. Thank you!

How to contribute

Product inclusion is an ongoing journey, and there is always room for improvement. The goal of this playbook is to provide guidance and best practices for creating inclusive digital products and services. However, inclusion is a dynamic and evolving field. Our goal is to accelerate the journey towards creating truly inclusive digital products and services that meet the needs of all users.
We encourage collaboration and feedback, so we can keep on improving this playbook to offer more value, and support more people on this important journey.
We are all learning together.
is not the only way to support our mission. This playbook is a collaborative effort and we encourage everyone who reads it to contribute in some way. Perhaps you might:
🎤 Share: Help to with your networks to encourage more people to take inclusive action.
💬 Feedback: on what you found helpful, what this playbook has helped you achieve or areas that could be improved or enhanced. Even better share a quote we can share to help inspire others to use the playbook.
📜 Case Study: Share a case study or example of how your organisation is taking an inclusive approach in the development of your digital products or services.
🤝 Collaborate: Get more involved in supporting the next iteration of this playbook.
🔗 Link: Create a link to the in your own resource library.
💰 Sponsor: Build your brand and help accelerate our impact and progress by sponsoring this volunteer led mission.

If you can help us make this playbook even better, or would like to join our community of inclusive product people please .

Let's get started!

If you’d like support embedding inclusion into your people, products and practices, to find out how we can help.

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