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A single page to help you and your team team stay on top of all the moving parts.
Team hubs centralize your team鈥檚 mission-critical information in a single doc. They help you to make the most of your meetings with tools that encourage feedback and communication, let you centralize your tool stack to save time and resources, and offer endless ways to customize the space to suit your team鈥檚 unique needs.
馃強 Jump in. Explore how basic building blocks can come together to form a custom team space. Type /team to find ready-made templates for your team hub (i.e. /team directory to add a list of team members to any page)

Hi, we鈥檙e Team Awesome.

Our mission

While a vision plants a flag where you want to go, a mission statement answers the what, how, whom of getting there.
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Our team

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Polly Rose
Buck Dubois Brzinski
Felix Marlin
Team Manager
Mary Jones
Product Manager
Maria Marquis
Product Manager
Lola Tseudonym
Team Lead
Alan Chowansky
Sales Rep

Learn how other teams are using Coda to save time and resources.

鈥淥ur team evaluated more than 10 solutions before selecting Coda. We're on the smaller side. Traditional pricing tiers won鈥檛 work for us. Coda helps create an intranet that feels uniquely TED.
鈥淚t took one week for us to look to the hub as our source of truth. We saw more alignment around KPIs along with a better meeting culture and active collaboration.
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