Centralized Wedding Planning

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Marie Vail
Hello and congratulations! 💍


As a bride trying to stay organized I used a combination of spreadsheets, Airtable, email labels, and drive folders... and didn’t feel very organized. I ported all of my planning into a version of this Coda doc and felt so much more in control!!

Why I love Coda for wedding planning

Dedicated sections for each event category, with space for text and tables in each
Easy to personalize and customize based on your needs
Conditional formatting and filters to highlight what’s most important
Welcoming interface and easy permissions for anyone you’re planning alongside

Personalizing the doc

Update the to suit your timeline and tasks
Add your budget goals
Add sections you need and remove ones that aren’t relevant

I hope that your wedding planning goes swimmingly and that this doc helps you to stay organized + achieve all of your wedding dreams. Please on LinkedIn if you have any feedback on the doc!

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