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Welcome, Adventurer!

Your adventure with Coda and D&D begins....

Do you have the courage to imagine? - Thomas Middleditch

Welcome Adventurer, to what we lovingly call the best set of tools in your gaming arsenal for playing Dungeons & Dragons.
Yes, D&D! Dungeons & Dragons, you know, that time honored classic roleplaying game of imagination, dice, nerd-dom, fun, and mayhem! Birthed from the minds of Ernest Gary Gygax and David Arneson in 1974, this RPG has been responsible for hours and hours of...
What’s that? You knew this already? Ah, you are a clever creature. I see there’s no fooling you, your highest stat is clearly perception.
Well then, adventurer, let’s begin your quest!

So, why this doc? Why now?

And what makes this better than other software out there?

So many questions, but ok, we see you, we hear you, and to that we say; because Coda is THE one stop shop for all things amazing (unbiased opinion); Second question, why not! And, third, it’s better - because it grows with you! You are the maker of what you need and you can always change your mind and evolve a doc.
Need a special way to engage your players? You can build it (or steal it from this doc)!
Want a more unique and interactive way to play the game? One word...buttons!
Want your game pull in all those spells, data and gear? Code away with that level 20 API and Coda Packs baby!
Want to email your players before the game to remind them of the commitment they made to seek out the ‘forbidden vestments of harmony’ for the goblin, Slurpzxeglegush The Eternal Devourer? Guess what....you can do that too!
So much fun and functionality awaits you, and just like D&D itself, the only limitation is your imagination!


History Check - with advantage...

When the pandemic hit in 2020, we discovered the power of D&D to bring friends together, and used the power of imagination to make those dim days seem a bit brighter. We gathered our party, some of us never having met in real life, and started to play over Zoom...and the rest is history! We’re still playing and laughing together years later.
We found so much joy in this game bringing to life adventures and explorations using D&D and the “theatre of the mind” in which our imaginations took over. We could detach from the real world hardships and worries, and step into the world of these characters we created. Dan, as the DM, still continues to create and build up on the adventure for our weekly games using a giant Coda doc!
Now, anyone who has been a member of the Coda Community, knows that Maria has been active about sharing her love of D&D as well as many other of the Coda Makers, and we wanted to kick it up a notch and make it so anyone could up their game with this starter doc.
So roll up those sleeves, grab your favorite beverage, find some friends, and imagine a world like no other! With Coda at your side, you always roll with advantage.

What’s inside this doc?

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