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Organizational Tools

💻 Gmail & Google Chat:

To communicate internally, we use a combination of email and . Occasionally, virtual meetings will be held. Those will be in the form of a Google Calendar invitation that should contain a link to the corresponding Google Meet where everyone can join.
You will be given a @finmango.org email address, which you should use for all FinMango-related activities. When you create a Google Calendar event and add other mangos to the guest list, the Google Meet link will be created automatically as long as you do it using your @finmango.org email address (including a dial-in number for the conference call so others can join using just their phone).

🏄 Miro Collaborative Whiteboard:

We use Miro as a collaborative whiteboard.

🧩 Coda and Google Drive:

We use
and the to keep our work organized and presentable.

🤗 Google Workspace:

All the work we do behind the scenes are done via Google products.

🎨 Canva Pro:

When designs / marketing materials are needed, all mangoes have access to a account.
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