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🥭 High level stuff

Welcome to the mango hub. All high level details can be found here.

🚀 Mission:

To solve complex problems that endanger the financial health of young adults in transition.

☀️ Vision:

We believe in financial equity for all young adults.

❤️ Our values:

Globally inclusive. We work to inspire coalitions and are, in turn, deeply inspired by those who share our passion.
Insatiably curious. We never stop learning. We deploy new knowledge to increase our capacity and to explore what might be possible.
Boldly optimistic. We pursue a better life for all with boundless passion.
Fanatically focused: We choose our work and our partners intentionally based on research, data and capacity with an eye for measurable impact.
Honest and transparent: We are humble enough to recognize our own shortcomings, open enough to share our work and brave enough to shine a light on system failures.

🧘 Initial focus:

Be a “learning” organization.
Explore ways to integrate data and technology.
Naturally attract partnerships.

📍 Guiding questions:

How does day-to-day financial success pave the way for greater resilience and achievement of goals?
How do people maintain daily consumption with seasonal or volatile incomes?
What shocks do people experience and how often?
How do people prepare for, respond to and recover from shocks?
How well are people succeeding with respect to essential goals such as housing, education, starting a business and retirement? These questions call for in-depth, qualitative, demand-side research.

*NOTE: the new FinMango does not focus on financial education or content creation anymore.

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