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PopcornFlow Template

This doc is my adaptation of the PopcornFlow method to experimentation.
Product Management leader posted a video called about a change management method called PopcornFlow, originally developed by . What attracted me to the method was how it prioritized momentum and making change continuous. One of the example Claudio gives is how a team that implemented PopcornFlow was able to run between five to ten of them a week. To be able to pull something like this off the experiments and the the process to create, prioritize and review them needs designed in a way to remove as much drag as possible.
Here's how this doc is structured:


Have you and your team enter your problems and observations, options and rough experiment ideas here. Decide on the ones your team wants to commit to.
For the experiments you will commit to, flush them out with details about what you expect to happen as a result of the experiment, and other timing details.
A simple board to see what flushed out ideas are in your backlog, and which ones are in progress.
Follow the PopcornFlow retrospective template questions and review the results of your experiments together as a group.

Supporting Material

I've listed some material for those who are interested in learning more about PopcornFlow
Here are the database tables that power the doc. You can use this page to explore how I've put them together, and to clear the databases.
If you don't so much like the guided method, I've also created a page that shows a full end-to-end PopcornFlow board, adapted for this doc.
My notes in putting this doc together, along with some thoughts I have around PopcornFlow.
To start: Add your and create experiments for them
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