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VentCU is entirely open-source. All code, CAD, schematics, and other resources developed in the machine’s design and construction are available below. The manual contains a full walk through on construction of the device and should be referenced first.

VentCU’s manual contains all information required for the construction, maintenance, and operation of the device. The manual provides even those with minimal engineering experience full guidance for constructing.

VentCU’s GitHub contains downloadable files and full documentation relating to all aspects of the creation of VentCU.
This includes the following:
Full code base
CAD STEP files
PDF of the manual
Electrical schematics
Diagrams of control scheme


The CAD section provides a brief mechanical overview of the device, with a fully modeled CAD hosted on Onshape.
The device operation section contains information on how to turn on and run the ventilator.
The Bill of Materials contains a full list of materials used in the first construction of the device. Note that although specific vendors are listed, many parts can be swapped or obtained from alternative vendors.
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