PLG Handbook for Startups

PLG handbook for startups

A work in progress TOC for a book meant for B2B startups to implement PLG
Chapter 1 - Building a financial model for PLG
A framework and methodology to build a PLG plan for the entire year including budget and capital allocation planning.
Published on Feb 20 here -
Chapter 2 - How to build the tech stack for effective PLG
In this chapter we look at how to build a tech stack for effective PLG by categorizing all technologies under three categories - the presentation layer, data layer and the orchestration layer. The chapter details pros and cons of alternatives and best practices to put the architecture and the tech stack together.
Published on March 20 here -
Chapter 3 - Creating a sign-up page and pricing
Best practices in sign-up with examples.
Pricing strategies.
Tools and technology to build a sign-up process with a high conversion rate.
Chapter 4 - Creating PLG Campaigns - SEO
Where to start with research and keywords?
Tools of the trade- SEM Rush, AHREF, Search console
Content strategy (everyone writes)
Hub, pillar and spoke model
Tools and technology for ideas and content creation
Free vs paid
Source + Outreach
Building a team
Starter kit - Keywords - MSV - Article → Backlinks → Cost → Results
Chapter 5 - Creating PLG Campaigns - Paid
Experimentation as a strategy
Strategy - Top of the funnel
Glossary of definitions - CPC, CPM, CPA
LinkedIn - Ads vs leads
UTMs and attribution.
Tools - Houseware, Hockeystack, BigQuery with Metamask
Agencies vs doing it yourself
Create a weekly dashboard
Chapter 6 - NPD and doing product launches
The anatomy of a launch
How to plan and execute a launch flawlessly
Tools of the trade
Product Hunt
Reach out to community prior to the launch
Hunt a hunter
Landing page for PH audience
A specific offer for PH
Write in plain English
Add a video
Add the first comment as a maker
Activate your employees
Use social
Chapter 7 - Product Experience - Onboarding
Tools - Appcues, Walkme, UserPilot
The first 15 min
No friction sign up
Progressive discovery
Three steps rule
Gradation of experience
Chapter 8 - Nudges
Progressing a user - the psychology of product adoption
Credits and gamification
Tools and technology for nudging
Cleaning up
Chapter 9 - Community
Defining your audience
Build vs leveraging existing communities
Watering holes
Hackathon and competitive programming
Do’s and Don’ts of Hackathons
Affiliate programs
A word about Developer Relations (DevRel)
Tools - Discord vs Slack. Forem vs Discourse
Chapter 10 - PLG for B2B
PLG with Sales team
Sales Play methodology
Chapter 11 - AR and PR
What is the role of AR/PR in the world of PLG.
How to get started with AR and PR.
The tools of the trade and how to stand out.

Bonus Chapter
Brand marketing to drive Inbound

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