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Herding GOATs

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Herding GOATs


Over the past decade or so, we've learned time and again that you can't do great work without a great team. And because we're Hypercollaborative™, that team necessarily includes our client partners.
It stands to reason, then, that to do the Greatest Creative Work in the World, we're going to need the Greatest Clients of All Time.
If LaM's going to be the GOAT, we'll need to find GOATs to collaborate with.
We're lucky enough to have made some pretty incredible connections over the years. We want to build on that. And because incentives matter more than anything else, we believe the best way to do that is to align our incentives with anyone who's willing to help us.
In line with this, we are excited to introduce our GOAT (Genuine Opportunities Affiliate Terms) Partner Program. This program is designed to incentivize those who help us connect with prospective clients that fit our ideal profile. It's a win-win initiative aimed at fostering growth and facilitating creative brilliance on a global scale.

Spotting GOATs

A GOAT client is one that checks at least three (3) of the following boxes, as determined by our internal Partnerships Team:
Understands the power of creativity, demonstrated in either the work they do (products or services) or the work they produce (brand, marketing, digital).
Has or is willing to take calculated risks to produce work that works.
Cares deeply about what they're making and its impact on the world.
Is looking for ways to use technology to improve their internal efficiencies and Maximize Room for Magic.
Has a great brand and is looking for ways to improve their ROI on said brand.
Has a logo, product, campaign or brand name that your mum and/or your best mate would have heard of.
Is willing to be Hypercollaborative, which means getting involved in making the work work.
Will expose LaM to an exciting new city, culture, consumer, market, or just general scene where we can learn and grow.
Wants creative agency, not just a creative agency.
Please note that our Partnerships Team has the final say on which clients we move forward with, based on the above criteria.

Tools and Support

As a GOAT Affiliate, you'll have access to:
A template sales deck (in Figma or as a PDF)
One round of changes to your sales deck based on feedback (open to negotiation with Partnerships team).
Up to two consultations from LaM to come to meetings

Commission Structure

Here’s how our commission structure looks:
A 5% commission on new projects with a GPM of 60% or less.
A tiered commission for new projects with a GPM above 60%: 8% for projects with a GPM between 60% and 80%, and 12% for projects with a GPM above 80%.
A tiered annual commission on subsequent (Monogamy) projects based on the GPM: 4% for projects with a GPM of 60% or less, 5% for projects with a GPM between 60% and 80%, and 6% for projects with a GPM above 80%.

Clients as GOATs

Clients can also choose to come to us directly and benefit from this arrangement. They can deduct the commission fee from their price if we can maintain the project at a 50–60% GPM, with deductions increasing in line with our stated profitability margins.


It starts with hello. Get in touch with our Partnerships Director with the opportunity, and let’s take it from there.
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