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Run an interview on Coda

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Interviewer Guide & Notes

Interview with ease and consistency
This doc can be used for an interviewer to run an interview, with details on the questions to ask candidates and a space to capture notes for each response.
This helps the interviewer to conduct interviews consistently, minimizing bias and more accurately surfacing candidate responses when it’s time to make a decision.
The notes view includes a script to use to ask the question, as well as nudges for the candidate if they aren’t sure of a response or provide a very short response and example characteristics of good and poor answers to the question.

To get started

Clear sample data:
Delete candidates & responses
Clear interview questions & sections
Note that you will have to manually delete the subpages under .
Update the page and subpage with the different components of the interview you’re conducting & fill out , including nudge questions, and notes on attributes of good and poor answers for reference.

Add new that you’re interviewing for to the table.

Start tracking a new interview by adding the candidate name and clicking Add Interview on .

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