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How to Use This Tool

Organize your job search, research and prioritize target companies, and shine your best in interviews.
Finding your next job can be overwhelming! This doc is a free, customizable tool you can use to organize your job search, prioritize companies you’re interested in, and shine your best in interviews — no matter what kind of role you’re applying for.
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Here’s what this organizer can help you do.

Figure out your ideal companies to apply to

The section is your place to outline criteria about where you want to work, gather information about organizations in your field, and put together a big list of every company you might be interested in. Then you can use the filters and sorting options to prioritize companies to apply to, based on what matters most to YOU.

Keep track of job listings and applications

The organizes all the important information in one place: jobs you want to apply for, jobs you’ve already applied for, where you are in the process, and what’s coming up next...not to mention links to job descriptions and key contacts.
Once the job offers roll in, you can also organize them on this page.

See what you need to do and when

The shows the next step for each job opportunity, and the list shows exactly what you can work on right now to get where you need to go.
And by the way: these fill themselves out automatically based on the . No busy work required.

Know who’s who

The populates based on the so you can keep track of everyone you’ve reached out to, interviewed with, or met along the way.

And what’s where

connects to a Dropbox or Google Drive folder so you can easily access your resume, cover letters, and any other relevant files.

Interview like a boss

The section has everything you need to rock the interview process.

has some helpful hints to start with, and plenty of room to add your own notes on what works best for you.
is the one most important question in every interview. Here’s where to tell the story of what makes you unique.
is your own personal FAQ for those questions you KNOW are going to be asked!
are at the heart of a great interview. Here’s a place to gather yours and think about how to apply them.
An interview is a two-way street! What do YOU want to know to make sure a job is the right fit for you?
pages are where you can set yourself up for success ahead of every interview — and take notes to help you make your decision.
Not every company is the right fit, and that’s OK. Your notes on the ones that don’t work out go in the . You never know when that information might come in handy.

Got feedback?

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v1.3 2024-02-17: added “clear table” buttons, enabled filter bars

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