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Use this page for notes on the stories from your work history that show you at your best. Outline as many as you can — aim for at least 10. Stuck? Start with the projects you found most interesting, or the accomplishments you’re most proud of - how would you tell the story of each of those experiences?
Then think about the skills and qualities they showcase, and which common questions they could be used to answer.
Using the STAR framework (Situation, Task, Action, Result) is a good way to structure your story! For example…

The time I saved the ship from a temporal causality loop

(Situation) While I was serving on the Enterprise-D, we suddenly found ourselves that caused us to re-experience the destruction of the starship time and time again with no memory of previous occurrences. Obviously this was a huge blocker to completing the mission Starfleet Command had assigned to us. (Task) The Captain gave me the responsibility of teaming up with the head of Engineering to figure out a way to get the ship out of the loop. (Action) I brainstormed solutions based on data from a short recording our Chief Medical Officer was able to obtain. We evaluated the pros and cons of each possible solution, and ultimately I decided to modulate a dekyon emission in order to leave a message in my positronic subprocessor. The next time we went through the loop, I recognized the message and decompressed the shuttle bay instead of using the tractor beam. (Result) As a result, we were able to escape the temporal distortion. Over 1,000 lives were saved and we went on to complete many additional missions.
keeping calm in a crisis
finding novel solutions based on available information
divergent thinking
defining a problem based on stakeholder interviews and data analysis
prioritizing potential courses of action
effective teamwork

Relevant Questions
Tell me about a time when something went wrong and how you handled it.
How do you make decisions?
What’s your approach to teamwork?
How do you handle uncertainty at work?
What’s a time you demonstrated leadership without direct authority?
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