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Website Sprint for Regroop

About CAMI Studio

Launched in 2021, CAMI Studio is an integrated marketing solution provider architected to design and operate cohesive brand ecosystems that scale impact and grow businesses. By combining digital and physical experience management, we help purpose-driven organizations achieve their mission and tell their story—effectively and efficiently.
With a core competency in helping companies tell their stories, connect with their customers, and drive business opportunities, we offer full-service communications programs. We continuously strive to ensure our clients' expectations are exceeded by doing what we say and delivering on our promises.

Our Solutions

Transformational Marketing Strategies

Marketing Operations
Discover the art of precision in marketing. Our Strategic Marketing Operations services empower you to navigate the customer journey, automate marketing tasks, harness data insights, and optimize your marketing technology stack for exceptional results.

Building Connections, Fostering Growth

Community Engagement
Forge meaningful connections with your community. Our Community Engagement services guide you in stakeholder engagement, community outreach, event planning, and online community management.

Elevating Your Brand's Voice

Communications Management
Unleash the power of compelling communication. Our Communications services elevate your brand's voice with strategic content creation, social media management, copywriting, and email marketing support.

Shaping Digital Experiences

Website Design & Development
Craft captivating online experiences. Our Website Development services encompass visual design, website design mockups, search engine optimization, and landing page optimization to ensure your online presence shines.

Previous Projects

Each of our projects is unique, tailored to the specific needs and goals of our clients, and executed with a focus on excellence in design, functionality, and user experience. We invite you to explore our success stories and see firsthand how our team at CAMI Studio is able to deliver exceptional results for businesses and organizations across a wide range of industries.

Commonwealth Corporation

Commonwealth Corporation (CommCorp) is a quasi-public agency that was established in 1996 through the merger of two Massachusetts nonprofit organizations: the Industrial Service Program and the Bay State Skills Corporation. The agency is responsible for administering and delivering a wide range of publicly and privately funded programs. CAMI Studio played a pivotal role in shaping and executing the marketing and communication strategies for CommCorp. As the strategic leaders, we crafted a unified vision for CommCorp's marketing and communication efforts, aligning them with organizational goals. Every initiative we oversaw was designed to contribute to CommCorp's mission and success, maintaining a focus on the big picture. Our team nurtured significant internal and external relationships, enhancing CommCorp's standing in the industry and community, and managed major marketing campaigns while collaborating with external vendors. In summary, CAMI Studio's contributions supported CommCorp's position as a leader in industry sector partnerships and education and training program development.

Orion Sports Club

Orion Sports Club, based in Seattle, is a prominent athletic facility known for providing top-notch fitness programs and a wide range of sporting activities. As a valued client of CAMI Studio, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with Orion Sports Club to create visually engaging marketing materials, captivating digital graphics, and impactful branding updates that effectively showcase their offerings and attract a growing audience.


ALPFA Nationals

CAMI Studio proudly supports ALPFA Nationals as their trusted partner in delivering a comprehensive suite of graphic design services. From crafting conference materials that leave a lasting impression to designing captivating exhibit displays, we ensure ALPFA Nationals' events are a resounding success. Additionally, our expertise extends to managing email marketing campaigns that engage their audience effectively, while providing all chapters with customizable social graphics as source templates, empowering them to maintain a consistent and impactful online presence.


Caraballo Professional Development

Caraballo Professional Development has developed educational projects for businesses throughout Massachusetts to empower small business owners and to help expand businesses within different industries. They work with many organizations, non, and for-profits, and governmental offices within the State of Massachusetts to help design and develop projects and educational training workshops in both English & Spanish for Minority businesses and businesses as a whole, to help them grow, gain financial strength and business knowledge within different areas to help both the owners and the employee. In collaboration with CAMI Studio, Caraballo Professional Development underwent a website transformation led by Laura Camila. CAMI Studio's team brought their expertise to the forefront, revamping the website to provide an improved user experience and visually appealing design. The result is a user-friendly platform that serves as a valuable resource hub for businesses seeking educational materials and growth opportunities.


ALPFA Boston

ALPFA Boston, a leading networking and leadership development organization for Latinx and diverse professionals in the Boston area, entrusts CAMI Studio with their social media presence, print material creation, and online event management. We work closely with ALPFA Boston to curate engaging social media content, design compelling print materials, and seamlessly organize and manage their online events, ensuring their brand reaches a broader audience and their initiatives make a lasting impact in the community.


Bohio Clean

Bohio Clean, a premier cleaning service company, relied on CAMI Studio to establish a strong digital presence. We have collaborated with Bohio Clean to design and develop a modern and user-friendly website that showcases their services and values. Additionally, our team has crafted branded social graphics to enhance their online visibility and engagement. Furthermore, we have implemented a streamlined back-end process for lead generation, ensuring Bohio Clean efficiently captures and nurtures potential clients, leading to continued business growth and success.


BeLIVE Coaching & Consulting

CAMI Studio has a successful track record of partnering with BeLIVE Coaching & Consulting to elevate their brand visibility and impact. In the past, we have expertly managed their press and media coverage, securing strategic placements and positive exposure. Our skilled writers have crafted compelling long-form content that resonates with their audience and establishes thought leadership. Additionally, we have overseen their social media presence, implementing creative organic campaigns and targeted ads that drive engagement and expand their reach across platforms.


Alliance to End Hunger

CAMI Studio takes great pride in our partnership with the Alliance to End Hunger, where we played a pivotal role in advancing their advocacy efforts for the Farm Bill. We provided expert graphic design services, creating compelling visuals that effectively communicated their message and mission to a broader audience. Additionally, we supported the Alliance in crafting powerful messaging and meticulously managing a successful campaign that involved more than 30 partners, uniting their voices in the fight against hunger. Together, we made a significant impact, raising awareness and rallying support for a crucial cause.


United Latinas

In a dynamic partnership with United Latinas, CAMI Studio has played an integral role in managing their marketing website creation, implementing back-end automations and processes, and building essential databases. United Latinas, a prominent professional development organization, is committed to empowering Latina leaders through collaboration, public speaking opportunities, entrepreneurship support, and leadership development initiatives. CAMI Studio's support has been instrumental in enhancing the organization's online presence, providing a seamless and engaging user experience on their website.


CAMI Studio takes great pride in being the trusted partner of ACOMERPR, managing all aspects of their marketing, public relations, and fundraising campaigns. With unwavering dedication, we have crafted effective marketing strategies that have elevated their brand presence and expanded their reach. Through our strategic public relations efforts, we have garnered positive media coverage and strengthened their relationships with key stakeholders. Together, we have driven remarkable results, furthering their cause and promoting positive change.


Elect Delmarina López, Mayoral Candidate for City of Chicopee

CAMI Studio partnered with the Committee to Elect Delmarina López, providing a comprehensive visual and digital strategy. Our services included creating her website, brand identity, lawn signs, social media assets, pamphlets, and t-shirts. Together, we aimed to de-seat the current mayor and pave the way for Delmarina López to become the first woman of color and Latina to hold that role, championing inclusivity and diversity in leadership.


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