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Contributing to the Task Library

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Open your PR

Now it's time to open your PR!
Feel free to open your PR as a 'draft' if it is still a work in progress, and ping us either in a github comment or in the #prefect-contributors channel on slack to let us know you'd like a first look at it.
Once you let us know it is ready for actual code review, either by promoting it from a draft to an actual open PR, or letting us know through Slack or a github comment you are ready for a full review, our core developers will do an in-depth review of the same kind we practice amongst each other!
If you are ever unsure about the state of your PR or what to do next, feel free to talk to us in the #prefect-contributors channel, ping us on a github comment, or come to one of our biweekly conference call for contributors we call the "Core Contributor Cantina". You can follow all of our digital events, including those via or .
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