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Contributing to the Task Library

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Getting started

Adding to the task library is a great introduction to new open source contributors of Prefect, and we have a github label - "task library" - with some existing issues that already have ideas. Several of those also have the "good first issue" label, so it's a perfect entry point! Even if you're just stuck thinking of something else, this is a good spot to get some inspiration. You can find the whole list here:
You might have some particular experience with a third party service already that you could convert into a task. Many tasks in the task library expose an existing API for a third party service - like different types of databases like MySQL or Postgres, different cloud APIs like AWS or Azure, or APIs of specialty services like Dropbox, Github, or Twitter. If there is an API you already use regularly and it's not in our task library, that is a perfect spot to start!
Even if you don't have direct experience with another third party service, if you want to learn about a certain one, it may be fun to tackle it via turning its API into Prefect tasks. If there is a tool or service you have been meaning to try out, consider the steps below as a nice study guide to learn more about it, and make an open source contribution too!
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