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H2 Math Crash Course

Specialised in H2 Mathematics and Secondary 4 IP/A Math/E Math
Greetings Students and Parents!
I will be holding a H2 Math Crash Course for both my JC1 and JC2 Students. The Mid-Year Examinations and Block Tests are coming up, and many of my students would find my specially curated Crash Courses extremely useful.

Each Crash Course has a CLEAR FOCUS, so pick the ones that are most suitable for you. I strongly believe in Customised Learning.

To my students – plan your revision schedule ahead of time, it helps :)

✏️ A Brief Description of Each Lesson

The Focus of Crash Course A
Expect a Comprehensive Coverage of the Topical Content and Drilling covering the Basics to Advanced Questions
Expect Intense Practice and Exposure to a Wide Range of Questions
The Focus of Crash Courses B/C
Common Exam Question Types and a Wide Range of Carefully Curated Challenging Questions that test Student’s Understanding of the Topic at hand
Crash Course B/C builds on the foundation of Crash Course A. Students should not be attending B/C without A unless the student is rather confident about the topic.

📌 More Information

Referral Rewards:
Both your child and your friend’s child will get a 30% discount off one full lesson.
If you have a topic that you really want to attend but cannot make it due to the timing, let me know and I’ll open up another class for you.
For the first 3 Crash Courses, each lesson is $100. Every subsequent crash course is $80 per lesson — a fraction of the market rate for comprehensive crash courses.
All lessons will be held on Google Meet.
Payment is to be made before the lesson via PayNow to this number: 81812406
On top of the Crash Course Lesson Materials, Comprehensive Summary Sheet alongside Full Length Handwritten Revision Notes can be bought at $35 per topic. Regular Students and Crash Course Students can buy each set at $17.50 (50% discount). The notes will be out around mid-June.

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