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A how-to on the initial stage of your internship hunt: networking!


Networking can be one of the most valuable tools not only in your internship search, but your professional career. The most common mistake most students, myself included, make when networking is reaching out too late. Networking shouldn’t be simply to obtain a referral or even worse: to ask for a job. The best way to network with people just like any other part of the job search, is to start early and often. Networking can most definitely lead to referrals or interviews, but more importantly it can provide you with valuable insight from people who have gone through similar experiences to get to that dream role that you are looking for. Furthermore, for every person that you connect with, gaining that one meaningful relationship may benefit both you and the person on the other end of the line more than anything else. With that being said, below are some tools and tips to keep in mind when going about your networking process!

👇🏻 Tools Available on this Page

The above 👆🏻spreadsheet is meant to be used as a template for however you choose to organize your networking relationships. For example, CS students may choose to organize their spreadsheets based on alumni, by company, by role, and etc. Regardless of how you choose to organize your spreadsheets, you can simply copy and paste the template to create as many needed to keep your contacts organized.

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👇🏻 Below are some articles on key points to keep in mind when going through your networking journey.
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