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Best practices and tools for sending out + keeping track of applications


After spending those weeks and months in preparation building out your network and gathering information, it’s time to now start sending out those applications. A lot of students when sending out applications will have that one dream company in mind and build out the perfect application for their dream company. There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving your 110% for your dream company and if you put in the time building relationships at that specific company, there is a high chance you may have increased your chances of landing an interview through a referral or connection. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that most of the time these applications will be a numbers game for many companies. Thus, it’s important to cast your net wide and send out as many applications as you can in order to increase your chances at receiving responses and interviews.

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Tips and Tricks

Apply to as many internships as possible and cast your net wide!
Tailor your resume for specific roles and positions
Follow up after submitting applications with your campus recruiter or equivalent

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