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Internal Communication

Use this space to document the secret sauce for how you communicate effectively to stay in-sync. If you use Slack, updating the ‘Channel’ column in the table below will help any of your teammates quickly join that channel with the click of a button.

🎯 Ready to crush internal comms?


General Slack Tips

Use your status and disable notifications if needed during make-work time blocks
Most channels have a canonical doc pinned at the top

Add Slack Channel
Slack Channels
Join it!
Join Channel!
Company wide announcement channel
Announce launches here!
Join Channel!
Shared PM + PMM Channel got Go To Market planning
Helpful for confirming ownership, timing, research share-outs, etc.
Join Channel!
PMM Team Channel!
Most of the company is in here b/c they like to follow along 🥳
Join Channel!
Sales & Success team channel
Join Channel!
Used both for coordinating social media strategy & sharing interesting intel from social media
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Our team in the press!
Tip: Try sharing 2-3 bullet points you found valuable instead of just pasting a link
Join Channel!
Channel where we coordinate email campaigns (copy reviews, timeline discussions, etc.)
There are no rows in this table


Email Tips

Use your subject lines wisely; some common ones for our team:
[What We Launched Last Week] ← Use this heading for the weekly launch recap, followed by the date of email send
[Response Requested by DATE] ← Use this call-out before your email subject if you need someone to get back to you
[Action Requested by DATE] ← Use this call-out before your email subject if someone has to do something important; be sure to note the action item above the fold/scroll

💡 Tip: If your team uses email a lot, you may want to make a table similar to the Slack Table above, but for common aliases, etc.

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