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WIP check-list, Things to do ahead

Wise Counsel
Identify key questions, scholarship and projects to build upon
rMAB simulations with Sosis and Friston
Causal models learnt from Pulotu/Seshat
Collaborate with Sosis on socioecological active inference simulations
Language models to analyze accounts of William James like descriptions of experiences related to ritual, compare to findings cited by Robert Turner relating complexity and types of experiences reported
Focus NLP on Liturgical text (e.g. , ?)
Initial community outreach via MindLink, DigitalGaia and other engaged projects
Demonstrate ritualistic, epistemic, and pragmatic modes of learning in a simplified Active Inference model of agent behavior; e.g. I am the kind of agent that does X becomes a type of prior that pulls other optimization in a future pathway (future habits drive past decision priors)
Setup projects with researchers in partner sites (e.g. Connecticut, UCL, UNC, MIT, UCT, U Chicago)
Explore how automated video analysis of HowTo and other large scale datasets can help with assisting ethnography (Deep Ethology for human behavior depicted in videos on YouTube).
With the video analysis capabilities of current software, we could actually detect ritualistic behaviors in the 'wild', e.g. tiktok or youtube videos or at least see if they are there.
This was not possible a few years ago, and it might be routine in 10 years, so perhaps now is the time to shape this research, and accelerate, making social sciences driven by larger datasets.
Explore how hyperscanning can be used to measure group dynamics
Explore evidence for ritual and mylenation

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