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Project Activity Tracking

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Let me explain…
So Coda is like building a Quickbase app inside of OneNote. If you can get past the uncomfortable new tool aspect of it, it’s actually a pretty neat.
But enough about that! We’re here for business, the Project Activity Tracking ask, so let’s get to it.

🎯 Objective:

Capture project activity and deliver dashboard/visualizations to Leadership.

⚙️ How we’ll do it:

Develop a method to capture duration spent on our activity, then categorize it in ways Leadership will want to see.

📆 Due:

End of May 2023

With that due date, I paced out the project with the dates below to include when we should be at certain milestones 🏃‍♂️.
The Devs are when we’ll be developing out our ideas to bring to the Showcases, that’s where we’ll agree on which approach(es) we want to implement moving forward ➡️.
Finally, we’ll all meet at the end and agree on the final product we deliver to Leadership 🎁.

📆 Event Timeline Table
📊 Timeline Gantt Chart

So with the ability to create our own data tables and visualizations while not stepping all over each other in a Quickbase app, I thought Coda might be a decent crossroads between sharing and individual development time.
We each get our own section as a playground for development as noted by your names on the left.
It’s a collaborative doc, so any time we want we can hop over to each other’s sections and get some ideas/inspiration.
We can provide feedback and ideas on each other’s content outside of meetings as we have time. Leave comments, suggest edits, or just write in your notes somewhere in the doc.

And that’s it for the introduction! Feel free to poke around my to see how I like my setup! Or check out the to see the mechanics of how I’m capturing time!

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