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Let's make plans to meet our reps!

Thereʻs a lot of national energy around elections and lots of support for getting voters to the polls. (We at BallotReady provide a lot of that support!) But after the election, we constituents donʻt have clear direction on what to do next. New representatives are in office, but itʻs unclear what our role is now and how we can continue to participate in our democracy once elections are over.
And in our previous research, we’ve learned that local politicians really do want to connect with their constituents and build relationships that help them understand what their communities need.
We want to bridge this gap by getting more people meeting with the people who represent them and discussing how they can participate in building their communities together.
This new feature in the Election Center will help constituents learn about their local government and build relationships with their representatives.
The same way we currently provide constituents with all the information they need to vote, we also want to provide them with everything they need to feel confident meeting with their representative.
We want to make sure that this process is actually going to result in meetings with representatives, so we’re going to test out the process ourselves.
Follow the steps below and let us know what you’re thinking, so we can follow along and learn how to provide the best experience to our audience.
Find a rep
Decide how to introduce yourself
Build an agenda of what you want to discuss
Request an appointment
Tell us if you got an appointment
Tell us how your meeting went!

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