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Writer Onboarding - Docubid
Closing notes

Terms of Service

For some boring legalities coming from our lawyers, kindly read the below and confirm should you adhere to our terms of service👍
1. Writing:
1.1 By submitting a written product to us, the writer irrevocably relinquishes, assigns and transfers all the copyrights for the product to us and warrants that Docubid has a right to transfer all copyright ownerships for the product to the client;
1.2 By submitting the written product to us, the writer agrees that they are not allowed to re-submit the work or use it for any other purposes;
1.3 You comply to our High-Quality Paper Guarantee - since we aim to satisfy our clients as much as possible, we expect you to too;
1.4 You comply to our Plagiarism-Free Guarantee - which entails that the product you submit to us contains no plagiarism in all context;
1.5 You adhere to write quality content when assigned with an order, and comply with our Limitless Edits Guarantee - which permits the client to ask limitless alterations to the product you’re assigned to write for them until they become fully satisfied with the final result;
1.6 You understand that Docubid reserves the full rights to determine the number of pages/slides/etc. you write for a specific product for pricing matters;
1.7 You understand that Docubid reserves the full rights to apply penalties should you fail to deliver a product on time, plagiarize, or refuse to revise a product when asked.
2. Demerits:
2.1 Writers who fail to adhere to our quality writing standards will be contacted by Docubid’s Supply Growth Specialist. Our specialist will identify the nature of the poor writing behavior and give a demerit accordingly;
2.2 Demerits will be given to a writer when they submit a plagiarized document, cancel on a confirmed order without justified excuse, fail to submit a document on the predetermined due date/time, and/or show unwillingness to cooperate and abide by our terms when spoken to;
2.3 You understand that the demerits are irrevocable and adhere to abide by our terms and policies;
2.4 You understand that you have the right to appeal a demerit when given, only if you have a justifiable excuse;
3. Confidentiality
3.1 The writer should comply with our terms of discretion by maintaining 100% confidentiality of the client he/she worked with.
3.2 The writer should comply with our terms of discretion by maintaining 100% confidentiality of the submissions he/she worked on.

Should you have any questions concerning the above, please don’t hesitate to ask us. By not getting back to us, we can assume that you adhere and CONFIRM on the above TOS.
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