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Writer Onboarding - Docubid

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Welcome to Docubid’s community of writers!

As a brief summary, this guide serves as a handbook for your new freelance writing journey with us at Docubid.
We've found that sharing this doc helps newly joining writers understand what's coming up and learn how we match incredible writers like you with eager clients!
👋 Docubid is a writing network marketplace that connects people in need of writing assistance with qualified freelance writers.
🎯 Our purpose is to innovatively and reliably match users in need of writing support with vetted writers while allowing them to uniquely work together towards a mutually-satisfying document.
💡 Fact: Did you know that our acceptance rate is 20%? i.e. out of 10 writer applicants, we admit 2 only, and you’re one of them!

👉 Without further ado, let’s jump right into it and tell you to be a freelance writer at Docubid!

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