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Writer Onboarding - Docubid
Closing notes


🔍 How can I take on orders through Docubid?
We share writing opportunities on the WhatsApp group(s) you’re added on, specifying the subject, instructions, due date/time, and price.
You’re then expected to message us with your interest in the task. Depending on your competency in the task and responsiveness, we’ll appoint you to the writing opportunity and send you all the instructions and details shared by the client so you can begin immediately.
📚 What if the Task sent on the group(s) is not clear enough?
Directly contact the operator and ask them for further detail. We ALWAYS recommend you get as familiar and confident with the task at hand before declaring your interest.
📑 What type of tasks can I work on?
We cover almost any type of paper. You can work on any task subject/type as long as you match its competency.
💬 How do I communicate with clients?
Most communication will take place on a shared group created by Docubid’s operator that will assist and monitor. This ensures seamless communication between the writer and the client, while being moderated by our operator in case needed.
⌛ How many orders can I complete?
There is no maximum number of orders ever, but we prefer you complete at least 1 order per month.
You’re flexible to choose tasks that match your personal lifestyle, from a few tasks a month to a few tasks a day!
➗ Does Docubid charge me for being a writer?
0. Nothing. Nada. Rien. لا شيء. Isn’t that awesome?
For example, if the price is $80 for a writing opportunity sent on a group, then that’s what you’ll get!
🤑 How will I get paid?
After the task is completed and approved by the client, you will be credited with the amount that was set by you. You will receive your payment via Whishmoney transfer to your personal account.
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