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Writer Onboarding - Docubid
Getting started!

How it works

Lesson 2:
How do you complete tasks?
Clients request their orders directly through either WhatsApp or our .
➡️ After which, we share the order requirements on the relevant WhatsApp writer groups.
➡️ Then, interested writers will privately message us.
💡 The below image displays how we ask our clients for requirements.


💡 The below image displays how our writers share their interest in a writing opportunity.


After receiving multiple messages on a given writing opportunity, we assign it to one writer depending on:
the writer’s background and experience with the topic, and
the writer’s responsiveness.

If the order is assigned to you, we will then send you all the corresponding documents and information shared by the client.
Here’s an example to simplify it for you:
Adam (client) messages Docubid his new writing requirements and agrees on a price
Docubid shares writing opportunity on the Engineering group
Maya (writer) sends a private message for her interest in the order
Docubid selects Maya for this order because of her experience and responsiveness
Maya is assigned to the order with the predetermined price
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