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Writer Onboarding - Docubid
Getting started!

Our Pricing Formula

Lesson 3:
How are orders priced?
The pricing formula is based on data collected from 3+ years (2000+ tasks)
It takes into consideration: Type of work - Subject - Due Date - Page Count
💡 The below image displays how we set our prices.
🔖 Our data showed us that the following factors assist in pricing:

1. Type of work and Subject whether it is an essay, assignment, project or etc.. and whether the topic is English or Sea Turtles!
(in other words: the type of work determines how complicated the task is, which affects the price)
2. Due Date, how much time you actually have and how much time you need to complete it is another factor that affects the price.
(The tighter the time, the higher the price)
3. Page Count, because a two page assignment is not like a 15 page essay!
(the more the pages, the higher the price!)
P.S. please note that prices are determined in USD
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