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Sample Ordering

Rayne Nutrition provides samples of all Rayne Nutrition diets to veterinary hospitals FREE OF CHARGE! To order samples for your hospital, please use the guide below.


Each hospital for Tampa Bay Animal Hospitals should receive an account activation email. If you did not receive this or would like to change the email address used for your hospital’s account, please contact Dawn DeLuca (Rayne Nutrition) at:
Email: dawn.deluca@raynenutrition.com
Phone: 732-616-3951

Step 1

/Once your account is activated, you can log in directly through the Rayne Nutrition website
1 login page.png

Step 2

Once logged in, navigate to the “Veterinarians Only” bar, and choose “Order Now” under “Samples and Brochures”
1 sample order navigation.png

Step 3

Choose the diets you want for samples and add them to your cart! (NOTE: If we have run out of samples sizes of a diet, that DOES NOT indicate a backorder for the diet itself. If you would like samples of a particular diet that shows “SOLD OUT” in the sample ordering section, please email dawn.deluca@raynenutrition.com for assistance.)
Once you have selected all of your samples, use the cart to follow the checkout process. You will notice that all sample orders will have a $0 total. THATS RIGHT! Again, all samples to hospitals come free of charge without any ordering limitations.
3 sample order cart.png

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