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Pet Owner Ordering Process

Rayne Nutrition diets are available for clients to order through your Vets First Choice online pharmacy.

Place Order for Client

Updated: February 11, 2021 17:33
There are certain situations in which the practice will want to place an order for the client. Maybe your client is not tech-savvy or just wants to pay now. Or perhaps you'd like to provide an extra level of customer service. Whatever the reason, you now have an easy way to check the client out right at the front desk.
To start, navigate to the relevant client and patient using the Search Bar at the top of the page.
Once you select the patient, you will see the patient's prescription history. If the item you need is not active on this list, you can add a new prescription using the "Add Product" button.
From there, search for the product and . If you set Client Notification to "None", this will turn off the email that alerts them to act on the prescription.
Once you have authorized the prescription, you will see it listed at the top of the patient's Rx History. Click the button that says "Order" to the right of the item you'd like to buy.
Staff users will be taken to the storefront to complete the client's order. Admin users will be given the option to order at:
This will bring you to the Client Storefront. Here, you can complete the transaction at your set retail cost. Information about the order will appear in their records as usual.
The "Practice Pay" function, available only to system admins, allows you to purchase the item at cost. You can then charge the client for the product using your Practice Management System. The pack sheet the client receives will not include any pricing information and the order will not appear in their account history.
NOTE: If you are taken directly to the storefront when you click "Order," you are not set up as a system administrator. Please continue using the process below or contact your administrator for additional access.

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