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APM | PureML Inc.

July 2022 - Present | Hyderabad, Telangana
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Role: Associate Product Manager


About PureML!

PureML is an advanced platform for AI Governance focusing on AI/LLM Risk Management and Continuous Compliance. With a focus on Responsible AI, PureML enables companies to manage and mitigate their AI/ML Risk, including LLM / Agent Evaluations and Risk. It allows companies to define internal policies by extending our metric store and adhering to standards while helping them stay compliant with ongoing and upcoming country AI regulations and offer continuous compliance.

Overview about my work

Articulated the product vision & customer requirements with founders, fostering ideation, discovery & user experience (UX) via interviews, user research, feedbacks and insights.
Planned weekly sprints, user stories and led the initiation of design sprints to brainstorm features and led scrum meetings in agile environment.
Documented Product Requirement Documents (PRDs), Business Requirement Documents (BRDs) using Notion & Height app.
Talk to customers and other stakeholders to understand their requirements and find interesting solutions through our product features.
Communicated concepts to design & development teams using wireframes and responsive design principles influencing product decisions in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
Effectively coordinated between dev & ML teams, contributing to successful product launch at a cutting-edge deep space technology startup resulting in a 20% reduction in developmental rework.

Since it’s a startup, it goes without saying that APMs are responsible for a lot of other stuffs as well 😁
Developed multiple using Svelte framework, ReactJs, Tailwind CSS, Daisy UI and Radix components leading the frontend team.
Developed from ideation to MVP to latest version using Svelte framework.

Impact I created

My impact at PureML
Initiated Sprints and Agile methodology
Maintained clear updated documents (PRD, BRD, FRD)
Increased 66% weekly tasks
25% reduction in delay of features release from 4 days to 1 day
Decreased Time to Value from 6 clicks to 3 clicks for Monitoring Risk feature
Above point affected increase in avg. session duration by 7mins more per user measured by Posthog
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Lets talk about technology

Tools used throughout my journey as APM

Figma & FigJam - Application designs and wire framing
Notion - Documentation
Height, Trello - Task management

Technologies used

Sveltekit -
ReactJs -
Remix -
Tailwind CSS -
Daisy UI Components -

Application screens

PureML_Model card.png


How my day as APM at PureML looks like!


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