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Scenario Level Calculator

Calculator that helps you figure out what the Scenario Level should be, based on the characters in a scenario.

How To Use

Add each character to the scenario by clicking one of the Level buttons below.
[Optional: Frosthaven ❄️] Check the Solo Mode box if you are a single playing controlling 2 or more characters.
Solo Mode is a game variant in Frosthaven ❄️, where is a single player controls two or more characters. You can optionally enable this to increase difficulty by calculating the scenario level differently. Learn more in Page 69 of Frosthaven rulebook.
Look at Scenario Level value to see the result.
Made a mistake? Need to start over? Click the Clear button.


Add Character (By Level):
Characters Added:
No character added. Add one by clicking one of the level buttons above ☝️
Frosthaven ❄️: Solo Mode
💡 Your Scenario Level is
not available.


Detailed Calculation 🤓

💡 Scenario level = Average level of characters, divided by 2, rounded up.
Total character Level:
Number of characters added:
Average character level:
Adjust for Solo Mode (If checked):
Divide by 2:
Round Up:

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