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Retirement Checklist

Retiring Character

Sell all items for half price (Rounded down)
Use gold to donate once to Great Oak Sanctuary
Buy enhancements
Town Records: Enter character in Town Records book with character sheet, and heck personal quest check to see if you’ve unblocked additional Town Records content.


Add city event and road event cards for the retiring class
The right (👉) number from the back of the class mat.
Claim personal quest reward
If reward is already unlocked, draw a random item design & random side scenario instead.
Add city event and road event cards for the unlocked class
The left (👈) number from the back of the class mat.
Gain 1 Prosperity checkmark (NOT Level)

New Character

Starting level may be up to the current Prosperity Level, starting XP is the minimum for that level.
Prosperity Level:
👈 Pick your prosperity level.
👈 Pick your game.
💡 Starting Gold:
, Starting Perks:
Gain an additional perk for each character the player has retired.
Draw 2 new personal quest cards and keep 1.
If no personal quests remain, draw none.

To clear all checkboxes, simply reload the page. ♻️

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